Khloe Kardashian: DITCHED By Tristan Thompson on Mother's Day?!

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Khloe Kardashian celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mom over the weekend, but the occasion was less joyous than she might have anticipated.

For starters, of course, Khloe learned in the final days of her pregnancy that Tristan Thompson had cheated on her with various women while she was carrying his child.

Khloe Kardashian on Insta

On top of that, Khloe was forced to spend the holiday in Cleveland.

Now, hold on there, angry C-town residents who are already cracking your knuckles in anticipation of flaming us into oblivion in the comments.

Cleveland is a fine city with a basketball team that continues to defy expectations, and as believers in a just and benevolent universe, we have no doubt that you'll emerge victorious in your current series and prove once again that God hates Boston.

But Khloe probably didn't imagine herself spending her first significant Mother's Day in Cleveland without even her baby's father to keep her company.

Yes, despite reports that Khloe would return to Los Angeles for the holiday, she stayed put in Tristan's mansion.

Kradling Khloe

Thompson has reportedly taken up residence in a nearby hotel, but he wasn't in Cleveland at all for Mother's Day.

Instead, he was spotted out in and about in Boston in the presence of teammate Jordan Clarkson.

Now, in the Khloe-centric corners of social media, you're liable to hear talk about how Tristan ditched Khloe on what should have been the most memorable days of her life.

But he's in Boston to do the thing that he does for money, and surely even the Kardashians understand such plebeian concepts as "jobs" and "obligations."

So no, Tristan is not to be blamed for leaving Khloe alone on Mother's Day.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

But that doesn't change the fact that her situation is sort of a bummer.

By all accounts, Khloe still sees a future with her baby daddy, and she's still talking about her desire to marry Tristan some day.

So just two months ago, if you'd told her she would be stranded in Cleveland wondering if her man will be able to keep it in his pants for the few days he'll be out of town, she probably wouldn't have believed you. 

Those closest to Khloe are said to be hoping that she'll come to her senses and kicks Tristan to the curb.

But no one knows a relationship like the people who are in it, and we're sure she's savvy enough to know what's best for her and her daughter.

Of course, if Khloe does decide to stay with Tristan, she might want to invest in a good private investigator in time for the start of next year's NBA season.

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