Tia Booth: Will I Be The Bachelorette? Well ...

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Maybe you're completely hooked on Arie's season of The Bachelor ... or whether you're just watching to see if The Bachelor Spoilers hold true.

Either way, you had to be captivated by Tia Booth's heartbroken farewell and her deeply emotional exit.

In the video below, she's opening up about that experience, everything that she said, and ... whether she would star on The Bachelorette if asked. Her answer was refreshingly honest.

Tia Booth Considers

Tia Booth won over many fans with her Arkansas charm.

If you read our The Bachelor recap, you know that Arie's narrowed down his choices to the final three.

Before that, however, it was time for hometown dates.

Everyone's families tend to have concerns, but Tia's families had done a little internet sleuthing (okay, you don't really need to be a sleuth to type Arie Luyendyk Jr's name into the search bar), and found out about Arie's reputation.

As a playboy. As a womanizer. As possibly someone who's on the show to improve his brand rather than to find love.

(Do you think that they read that Arie is allegedly great in bed?)

In the end, though, Arie was able to charm Tia's concerned loved ones and assure them that he's not some sort of snake in the grass.

Tia Booth Cries

Tia's family may have accepted Arie, but Arie sent Tia packing. Her sobs really tugged at your heartstrings.

Because rumors have been mounting that Arie has broken off his engagement already, maybe it's a good thing that Tia got her heart broken here and now.

A devastated Tia moved audiences with her tears as she said farewell to Arie Luyendyk Jr.

And then, in the car, she admits that she's tired of feeling like she isn't good enough.

So ... how's she feeling now that the dust has settled?

Tia Booth Rose

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Tia Booth says that she'd jump at the chance to become the leading lady on The Bachelorette.

"I think it would be an amazing experience getting to be the Bachelorette and to get to meet some amazing men."

A lot of people are coy about their desire to fill that roll. Not Tia.

Good for her.

She also says that it would probably present different but interesting challenges.

"I know it would be tough, but I would kinda be in control and in charge."

Tia Booth and Arie Luyendyk Jr

She thinks that she could really benefit from being the Bachelorette.

"I think it would be another learning and growing experience, and I'm all for that."

She has the same rationale for being all for that experience as she did for going on The Bachelor, pretty much.

"Thirty years from now, I don't want to say, 'Well, I turned that down because I was scared or nervous.'"

Hey, that's a great way to live if you want to seek out new experiences.

Tia Booth Confessional

Even if Tia doesn't end up becoming the leading lady, we could still see more of her and her journey for love.

"I would love to be in Paradise. I would love to continue on this Bachelor journey."

More than many, she knew what she was getting into before the joined the show, since Raven Gates had already been on that adventure.

Even if Tia isn't the next Bachelorette, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is evidence that she could always be called back -- even years from now.

Here's the video of her interview:

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