Three-Month Old to Mommy: I LOVE YOU!

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Kids these days, huh?

They really do say the darndest things.

Like I Love You, even when they are only 13 weeks old.

baby with mother

This at least appears to have been the case for Victoria Fatu, a concert pianist and singer who has shared a rather incredible video on YouTube and Facebook.

She was putting her son to bed recently and telling him that she loved him, just as millions of parents do with their children every night of the year.

But millions of parents do NOT get the sort of response from their three-month old don as Victoria gets here.

oh mommy

Nearly as soon as Victoria says the magic three words of affection to little Mark, it sounds very much as if he says them in return.

That's what Victoria hears, based on her reaction, and we don't think she's being especially biased. That's what we hear, too.

Watch the video and listen closely and see if you agree:

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