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Poor JoJo Fletcher.

Yes, according to the latest round of The Bachelorette spoilers, this scorned former Bachelor suitor will narrow down her list of potential husbands to four respected gentlemen on the season ahead.

But does that mean she’ll get her happy ending?

Does that mean wedding bells will be ringing this spring for JoJo and the man of her dreams?

Not if you believe the ominous tone and words of the following Bachelorette promo.

Apparently put together by the producer of another ABC hit series, Once Upon a Time, the preview talks of "dark forces" ahead and even alleges that JoJo will be placed in danger.

Cue some serious waterworks from The Bachelorette, who we also learn will "cast a spell" on her handful of handsome contestants.

We’re not really sure what’s up with this witch theme, but whatever. The point is this:


We’re especially extra excited to watch The Bachelorette online this year because the video teases the appearance of a former Bachelor star, who we’re guessing will be Juan Pablo and who we’re already psyched to hate all over again.

Because that guy sucks

But JoJo sort of rules (heck, she may be the hottest Bachelorette of all-time) and we hope she finds true love this spring on ABC.

If it doesn’t happen for her at the age of 25 on an ABC reality show, when will it ever happen?!?

Check out the latest promo now: