Two Bachelorette Contestants Get the Axe, Freak the F--k Out in Toddler-Esque Meltdown

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In addition to The Bachelorette spoilers game-changer that took the Internet by storm, there was also an episode of the show last night.

One that was ... quite something to behold.

Two really awesome contestants on the ABC staple got the axe on Monday, and proceeded to have a toddler-like meltdown on camera.

Lucas and Blake on The Bachelorette

For two consecutive weeks, those who watch The Bachelorette online have suffered through Lucas and Blake's alarmingly boring beef.

Lucas, of course, has been riding his catchphrase “Whaboom!” like a honeymooning Joy-Anna Duggar on Austin Forsyth these days.

Blake E., not to be outdone in the d-bag department, opted to woo Rachel Lindsay with aspirations of drumming and boasts of sexual prowess.

Couple of winners, in other words.

Incredibly, this feud dates back to BEFORE the show, when both tools competed on a reality show titled Ex-Isle ... because obviously.

Moreover, because you can't make that hilariousness or this next part up, Blake was roommates with Lucas’ ex-girlfriend at one point.

With that backdrop, on last night's episode, the feud reached the next level as Whaboom told Rachel that Blake was slandering him.

Lucas, 30

He did this, he claimed, because he “has a crush” on him. Yes, this quote happened ... and Rachel obviously had to get Blake's take.

To his credit, he didn't totally freak out ... yet. And more significantly, to Rachel's credit, both were eliminated during the rose ceremony.

Thus came the first time in BACHELOR HISTORY (copyright Chris Harrison) that two feuding suitors left together and ... feuded some more.

We are talking about a possible Douche Hall of Fame inductee moment ... maybe not unanimous or first ballot, but it'll get in one day. 

With Blake actually walking over during Lucas' exit interview taping to salute him with an expletive-laden parting shot, how can it not?!

And then things got even worse!

Accusing Lucas of dragging him and torpedoing any chances he had with Rachel, Blake proclaimed, “I’m going home. You win, Lucas.”  

Not just yet, though.

Blake E., 31

“It’s not about winning,” Lucas replied to that would-be mic drop. “It’s about the world, brother. And you have no idea what the world needs.”


Blake's response to that high-horse zinger? A possibly even more ridiculous quote: “You’re the ‘whaboom’ clown. I’m the nice gentleman.”

From there, Lucas told Blake to “go back to his protein shakes,” and Blake taunted told Lucas to “Get back to your garbage, clown life."

“My clown life?” Lucas incredulously said. “I’m a clown? Because I can be funny?! You don’t even know what funny looks like!"

“Funny is not ‘whaboom,’” Blake responded. “’Whaboom’ is like, wocka wocka, pie in the face, wocka, wocka, honk, honk, fart joke.”

As Blake mockingly mimed Lucas every time he tried to respond, things reached first-grade levels as this segment mercifully concluded.

Watch a clip of it below.

The Bachelorette
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