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In one sense, it’s easy to discern where Joy-Anna Duggar is these days:

Riding Austin Forsyth raw, trying to get pregnant.

So we presume, at least.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth on Honeymoon

Let the guessing game begin: Where was this honeymoon photo snapped?!?

In another sense, however, it’s challenging to determine just where Duggar and her new husband are at the moment, considering they never revealed their honeymoon destination.

The reality TV stars got married on May 26, with Duggar telling People Magazine that walking down the aisle was a "surreal" experience.

She then said she was psyched to go away with Forsyth for awhile, yet remained surprisingly mum on just where they were headed.

Now, though, Joy-Anna and Austin have given fans a look at their aforementioned honeymoon, stirring up speculation over their surroundings.

"Thank you to all for your prayers and encouragement! We are loving married life and having the opportunity to see these beautiful places together!” Joy-Anna said in the video from which we took the above photo.

Forsyth then shared the following image on Instagram, simply labeling it "honeymoon" as a caption.

Austin Forsyth Honeymoon Photo

Hmmmm…. right?

The couple appears to be somewhere beautiful and maybe a little chilly.

They’re pretty clearly taking an active vacation, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

Joy-Anna and Auston got married just a few months after announcing their courtship on a special episode of TLC’s Counting On this past November.

The pair were friends for nearly 15 years before hooking up (by which we mean barely even holding hands) and then they almost immediately went ahead and got engaged this spring.

“I think the best advice that I’ve gotten so far is just to sacrifice myself,” said Austin in a TLC video filmed shortly before he exchanged vows.

He further explained in this footage: “Be willing to give myself for her and her needs and put her first.”

Happy wife, happy life, right? We feel ya, Austin!

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Rehearse

With this young couple now Husband and Wife, the obvious question on the minds of every fan is when Joy-Anna will get pregnant.

It rarely takes very long after a marriage for this fate to befall a Duggar family member.

And Joy-Anna is doing little to dissuade chatter that a bun may very well end up in her oven.

“We love kids and we’re excited to have a family,” Duggar told People last week. “We’re just going to see what the Lord does.”

How many children does Joy-Anna think she and Austin may welcome over the years? It isn’t their call, she explains.

"We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into his hands."

In another TLC-sponsored video, Duggar says married life has so far “been a blast” and that she’s “loving” her new status as Austin’s better half.

She and Austin are the only members of their famous family to start a joint Instagram account (@austinandjoyforsyth), meaning we’ll likely be kept well apprised of their marital adventures going forward.

But this will be the case on the small screen as well as on the computer screen:

A new season of Counting On, featuring Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding on the premiere, returns June 12 on TLC.