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The claws are about to come out on The Bachelor.

And so are the insults.

ABC has released a new trailer for week five of Peter Weber’s intense season, and it focuses on tension that is running at an all-time high between various suitors.

Photo via ABC

We got a dose of this on Monday’s The Bachelor episode, of course, as Alayah made a stunning return — and then wasted no time at all in getting into it with Victoria P.

The latter was sent home by Weber, meaning we won’t see a continuation of this feud next week.

But that doesn’t mean all will be calm in and around the manion, or on the trip the ladies appear to take with their aspiring husband.

Far from it, in fact.

This official preview opens with one  woman crying into another’s arms and someone else saying, in suspenseful fashion, "There is drama."

We then see Peter kissing one suitor… and then another… and then another after that.

"These girls are, like, continuing to stir the pot," we hear next, which may be a reference to contestants beyond just Victoria Fuller.

We’re not certain what is referred to next, but yet another suitor complains about something being "ridiculous" and "not fair," while another cries so hard that we can’t even comprehend what she’s saying.

Elsewhere, someone is "a dramatic bitch" and someone else is deemed "emotionally unstable."

There’s also a memorable rant about how "there’s someone here who wasn’t here for the right reasons," which must have been a line written Chris Harrison or another producer.

It’s just too perfect, you know?

Oh, and did we mention that Peter Weber makes out a lot?

Finally, the women stop fighting and name-calling for a few moments when one of them appears to be taken away in an ambulance.

This is followed by another tearful confession by someone who is "so tired [and] so exhausted."

We’ve combed through all The Bachelor spoilers we can track down and have not yet found information on why a suitor ends up in the hospital.

Check out the trailer here to see what happens, though.