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The Bachelor lost one front-runner on Monday night.

To the surprise of many viewers, Sarah Trott left the show of her own volition, telling Matt James that she was emotionally exhausted both from the arrangement of having all these other women vying for his attention..

… and also from the stress of having a siick father back at home.

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With Trott walking out the door, however, a quintet of new women are about to walk through the same door.

In a stunning promo for next Monday’s episode of the ABC competition, James and his current suitors act shocked when a bunch of new aspiring waves exit a network-sponsored limousine.

And it’s safe to say they are not greeted with open arms.

"Who the f–k are these random ass hoes?" asks Victoria Larson upon learning of their arrival.

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Other contestants don’t react in exactly the same manner.

But one says she "wants to vomit right now," while another breaks down in tears and anotherr says simple: "People are pissed."

Meanwhile, we’ve identified the fresh wave of stars as Catalina Morales, Kim Li, Michelle Young, Brittany Galvin, and Ryan Clator… with Galvin being of special interest.

A 25-year old from Chicago, Brittany has a deal with Wilhelmina Models.

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She has posed for such brands/companiies as Emirates, Nike Woman, and Free People.

This explains why Brittany already has over 27.4k followers on IG and an impressive 24k plus on TikTok.

Oh, and did we mention that she also might be an escort!

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After footage rolls in this trailer of the ladies learning of the new arrivals, the sneak peek transitions to a scene with contestants Anna and Victoria speaking about one of the new additions.

"People have gone out of their way to find me and tell me, ‘Oh my God, watch out for this girl,’" Anna says, prompting Victoria to ask:

"Watch out with her how?"

Alleging that the contestant — who is not identified in the preview — "is entertaining men for money," Anna then adds in a confessional:

"I’d heard rumors that she may be an escort."

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None other than The Bachelor spoilers expert Reality Steve has previously hinted about tension between Brittany and a couple other women, specially Kaili Anderson and Anna Redman, both of whom also hail from Chicago.

Based on this teaser, we have no idea if Galvin is an escort.

But she definitely isn’t shy.

Watch now to see what we mean.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (at 8/7c) on ABC.