The Bachelor Recap: Wait, Who Just Quit?!?

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To each her own, right?

Or, to be more specific when it comes to this week's brand new and emotional episode of The Bachelor:

To each her own... when she wants to go home.

Matt James, Sarah

Before getting to which woman quit, however, let's talk about Sarah Trott nearly passing out.

That's how the previous installment concluded, as this suitor got very dizzy mid-Rose Ceremony, prompting many to question her motives on this follow-up installment.

"I've definitely never fainted for attention, and I don't think I've ever even fainted," Victoria Larson told the cameras.

"You've got to pull it together and don't faint. This is The Bachelor, it's not The Sarah Show, but Sarah didn't get that memo."

Sarah for Season 25

After Matt and Sarah both apologized to the group, the former continued to hand out roses to Khaylah, Mari, MJ, Anna, Kaili and Victoria.

Therefore, he sent home Marylynn after Victoria called her "toxic" to Matt, seemingly without evidence.

The ousted suitor referred to her rival as a "good actor" on the way out the door, pouring gasoline on a certain fiery rumor.

However, with one foe eliminated, Queen Victoria went ahead and set her sights on another.

"Sarah is worse than Marylynn because she's not directly attacking one person, she is interfering with everyone's relationships," she explained on air.

"Her fainting spell came across really fake. Seriously, like, all the fake bitches can all go home."

Victoria for Season 25

Cut to the first GROUP DATE, with special guest Ashley Iaconetti, and the ladies being asked to read their "love story" with Matt aloud in front of him.

Things got pretty darn dirty during the exercise, while Sarah stewed back at the mansion.

"In my past, dealing with faithfulness and commitment issues and jealousy and all of those feelings and emotions are coming back so quickly," she said, apparently not aware of the entire premise of The Bachelor.

Feeling "emotionallly exhausted," Sarah crashed the group date after-party while James was talking to Katie.

Victoria, Bri and Rachael

After getting some reassurances from The Bachelor himself, Sarah left in tears due to the irritation of her fellow contestants -- and Victoria went after her.

"It was a personal conversation on our time and I think, too, the issue with why the girls are confused is that we tonight had a different vibe and you kind of changed the vibe up," she told Sarah.

Rachel ended up with the group date rose. But Sarah ended up with proverbial egg all over her lovely face.

"This was eating away at me and I felt like I had to address it," she said. "I think I'm really questioning if I can be here and if I can do this."

Reading to Matt

Prior to his ONE-ON-ONE DATE with Serena P., Matt paid Sarah a visit to tell her he wanted her to stick around.

"I have real feelings for you," he said before they kissed.

That was quite the precursor to his horseback riding and champagne-filled date with Serena.

These two shaered some stories about their parents and then also shared some spit, while taking selfies in front of farm animals.

Serena P for Season 25

"Matt and I are really good together," Serena told the cameras after eating some dinner and receiving a rose.

"I do think it's possible that I could fall in love with him," she added, just as the script likely required her to do.

Back as The Bachelor home, Sarah emerged from her room to once again issue a mea culpa to the other ladies.

"I know the timing was bad and I sincerely apologize, but yesterday I was planning on going home just because I was really overwhelmed by this process and I wanted to talk about that with him face-to-face," she said.

"I knew what I was getting into, I just didn't expect it to be this difficult this fast."

Matt James, Sarah

Few of the suitors were understanding.

"I hope that your connection with Matt is very strong right now, because the rest of your living situation here is going to be horrible," Kit told Sarah, for example.

Victoria laughed in agreement of this.

The next day, Katie tried to convince Sarah to stay on the show.

sarah and a rose

However, Sarah felt she was "not cut out for this and I just can't give this my all.

"All of my worst insecurities are coming out. I really have to put my wellbeing first and I'm not in a good headspace here."

Sarah continued to cite her dad's ALS diagnosis as another reason she wanted to go home.

"I 100 percent encourage you to be with him," said Katie, whose dad passed way in 2012.

sarah leaves

Her mind made up Sarah spoke with Matt about her decision to leave.

"I don't want to lose you," Matt told her in response.

"I just felt really called to go home and be with my family," Sarah replied. "I just don't think I'm ready for this."

James did, of course, accept and respect her choice, telling Sarah: "I'm going to miss you."

Matt James is Sad

Sarah bawled on the car ride out, confessing that "part of me thinks I'm making a mistake."

Too late now, though.

Once Sarah tapped out, The Bachelor then teased that five new women will arrive next week, one of whom the ladies think might be an "escort."

Sold! We'll be tuning in.

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