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We all know how Joe Giudice really feels about Teresa after everything. But how much is she prepared to say about her own thoughts and plans?

In this new interview, Teresa is opening up about everything, including the shockingly long wait before she next sees her husband.

Teresa Giudice was one of Andy Cohen’s guests on Watch What Happens Live, where a caller asked her when she’ll next see Joe.

"Um, maybe this summer," Teresa begins her answer. "Probably this summer ’cause…"

"Maybe this summer?!" Andy exclaims.

He points out: "That’s in like eight, nine months!"

Teresa Giudice at Bravocon 2019

By our count, summer of 2020 begins in six months and four weeks. We’re a little unsure of Andy’s math.

But his astonishment was shared by the audience and many others. Like … Thanksgiving is next week, Teresa!

"Well, because the girls wanted to go back for Thanksgiving," she begins to explain.

Teresa shares: "But Joe’s just getting his [Italian] passport, so we don’t know if we’re gonna, you know… "

Visiting Joe

Teresa continues to lay out the logistics.

"They were gonna meet in the Bahamas," Teresa divulges.

She laments "but I don’t think he’s gonna get his passport [by then]."

"He’s gonna get his passport right around that time," Teresa speculates. Oof, that’s rough.

Teresa Giudice on Good Morning America

"So they’re definitely going for Christmas," Teresa confirms.

But she explains: "I have to work around that time, so that’s why I can’t go."

"So, summer!" Teresa proclaims. "That’ll be my next break ’cause the girls have school!"

Andy gives her a bit of a hard time over it, but that does sound like a plausible explanation for why she can’t see her husband for a while.

Soaking Up the Italian Sun

"I slap your husband. He never did nothing right. He did everything wrong," Teresa’s father, Nonno, said on RHONJ.

"Six times I told him go make a citizen. ‘Yeah, yeah, I’ll go.’ He never did," Nonno complained. "He gotta blame himself."

"Every time we went on vacation — I’ll tell you why he said that — he would have to go in one line [at customs]," Teresa explains.

"Right,," Andy exclaims. "And he would hold you up because he wasn’t a citizen!"

Teresa Giudice on Bravo Couch

"So my father used to always tell him, ‘Go get your citizenship!’" Teresa’s explanation continues.

"He’s told him a million… My dad really did tell him a lot of times," she admits.

Andy also asks if Nonno thinks that she should remain married to Joe or ditch him like yesterday’s garbage.

"He supports whatever makes me happy," Teresa announces. "That’s what he says."

Joe Giudice and Family

Some would argue that if Teresa really wanted to, she could find a way to see Joe before June of 2020.

For example, spring break usually happens in March. That would be four months and some change from now.

But that’s her business. And Joe’s. What is most important, of course, is that their daughters continue to have healthy relationships with their parents.

The girls will get to see Joe again next month. Teresa is an adult; she knows that she has to wait.