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Just days after flipping out in court and screaming at the judge, Aaron Carter is once again worrying fans.

In a pair of new videos, he says that his family and Sony Records are in a conspiracy to kill him, describes an attempt on his life, and asks for help.

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"What’s up guys?" Aaron begins one of two now-deleted videos that he shared to Instagram. "Just enjoying this beautiful mountain range."

"Going to a different location," he reveals in the videos that you can see in this post. "I just got SWATTED … and it didn’t work."

The practice of "swatting" involves making a prank call to law enforcement that results in another person being raided, possibly killed, by SWAT.

He claims that someone was "trying to claim that I’m paranoid, or schizophrenic. And the cops were very honest with me."

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"They knew that I had 500 grams of weed," Aaron reveals, triumphantly adding: "And I still have it in my bag."

"They did all of the tests," he continues. "They checked me for all of the drugs that everyone says that I do."

Early last month, Aaron livestreamed himself taking drug tests to disprove rumors about him.

Unfortunately, the test appeared to return positive results for PCP. Notably, false positives are outrageously common in drug tests.

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"Clearly, I’m driving my car right now," Aaron says, recording the video while driving, to explain how unsuccessful the attempt was.

"And it didn’t work," he states, while warning that the person who allegedly tried this "is gonna be in big, big trouble."

"Having friends call me, threaten my, trying to kill my wife, all this crazy s–t … it ain’t gonna work," Aaron warns.

He warns that he will win, concluding: "I’m not playing your game. You’re playing mine."

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"Hey everybody out there," Aaron says in another now-deleted video. "This is Aaron Carter."

"I want to verify that this is actually my GoFundMe page," he announces, including a url in the captions of the now-deleted post.

"There’s been a lot of misdirection that I’ve had to do in order to protect myself," Aaron explains.

In other words, it sounds like he’s saying that he had to spread misinformation on social media in order to throw his enemies off of the scent.

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He says that this is all retaliation "from being a silence-breaker, for my brother, who is a rapist, and now they’re after my life"

Aaron reiterates: "My whole family is after my life. They’re setting me up."

"Sony Records owes me $3.5 million," he claims. "And they don’t want to pay me."

"And it would be in their better interests, just like Michael [Jackson] told me," Aaron rambles. "They owe me money and they’re trying to kill me off."

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Aaron then ties all of these concerns into his GoFundMe.

"And I’m begging you and I’m pleading with you," he expresses to his fans. "Help me raise $100,000 as soon as I can."

Aaron wants this money "so I can move to an undisclosed location where I am safe."

"My realtor won’t sell my house," he claims. "They’re all involved in this. And they’re trying to keep me there."

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"They had cops come check for rope in my garage," Aaron complains. "Saying that I wanted to hang myself."

"So please trust what I’m saying," he begs his fans and followers. "And please donate the money."

We of course cannot say with any certainty why Aaron may have chosen to delete these videos over the weekend.

However, we hope that he gets the help that he needs. Countless people are worried about him.