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You have to hand it to Gary Shirley for running things as smoothly as he does, given his tumultuous relationship with Amber Portwood.

Shirley recently agreed to take part in a Facebok Q&A with fans, where he diplomatically answered everything from "Why can’t Leah see he rmother more?" to "Why don’t you have a job?"

Gary mades sure that Amber sees their daughter, Leah as much as possible, but he prefers not to share custody during the school year because Leah’s grades and attendance are perfect.  

Uprooting the six-year-old’s life, Gary believes, will affect how well she does in school.

One fan, according to Starcasm, asked when Gary was "gonna get over Amber."

"I care about Amber. And hardly even talk to her," Gary answered.

‘Only reason you see me talk to her is because in order to have a show you need dialogue."

As for "loving" Amber?

"I care about her as the mother of Leah, but those feelings of love have been long gone for years — no offense to her. Just fell out of love after some things she did."

Gary broke the news on-camera that Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier has at least 7 (actually 8) children out of wedlock.  Gary’s pointed out that he wanted his revelation to be recorded so that, if brought to court, there would be no confusion/heresay on what he stated.

Now, though, things are smooth for Gary and Matt.

"Matt and I get along, and after this reunion show hopefully you guys can see that I apologized to him for how things were handled and how it [got] out of control," Garry explained.

"I think we’re all in a good place."

Watch the video below for Gary’s response to another Facebook question.

Posted by Teen Mom on Thursday, February 11, 2016