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Tarek El Moussa has spoken out in depth for the first time she filing for divorce from his wife in December.

The co-host of Flip or Flop on HGTV, Tarek separated from his wife Christina way back in May of 2016, only going public with that news a few months later after details of what transpired between the reality stars went viral.

Strange details of what transpired, we should say.


Following a heated exchange with Christina, Tarek stormed out of his home in California, a gun in hand and a concerned wife left behind.

Worried about Tarek’s state of mind at the time, Christina called 911 and asked authorities to come out and track down Tarek, who she feared could be "suicidal."

They eventually found him in the woods, with Tarek simply telling the cops that he had taken a weapon with him to protect himself against wild animals.

"I went out for a hike to scout some trails, it wasn’t even a big deal. I didn’t understand,” Tarek said this morning on Today via a pre-taped interview.

"There’s mountain lions, bobcats and rattlesnakes and big wildlife back there," he stressed, saying his own safety was his only concern.

“It got really blown out of proportion."

So… he never thought about taking his own life?

"Never. Never. Absolutely never."

Photo via NBC

But while Tarek is alive, his marriage to wife and Flip or Flop co-star Christina El Moussa is very much dead. Gone. Kaput.

The former filed for divorce in May, with new rumors cropping up almost daily that paint the relationship in a terrible light.

It can’t help matters, for example, that Tarek and Christina continue to film new episodes of Flip or Flop together.

"I’m not gonna say [it’s been] easy," Tarek says of being on set with his estranged HGTV other half, adding:

"It’s like anything, there’s challenges in life."

"We love filming, that’s our job. We’ve been doing it a long time, and we love releasing a good product for our fans."

"Just try to fight through it and do the best we can."

Flip or Flop Couple
Photo via Instagram

It seems impossible to believe, whatever kind of fight he thinks he and Christina can put up, that the show will return after this season is over.

It also seems impossible to believe, based on how we’ve heard Tarek sometimes acts toward Christina, that these two could ever be on good terms.

But they have a pair of innocent, adorable reasons at home to make sure things remain amicable if not as loving as they used to be.

“The number one goal is to co-parent our children,” Tarek says.

“We have to make sure we remain friendly," he adds, to our great relief, "because we have to make sure they have good parents.”

Following through on that is easier said than done, but here’s hoping time will heal all wounds for both parties for the kids’ sake.