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Christina El Moussa has had it.

The Flip or Flop star has simply had it.

Earlier this week, we reported that in the wake of their increasingly ugly divorce, Christina and Tarek both wanted to move on from their joint business.

That was only the start of it …

Christina El Moussa Inside a House

Both halves of this estranged partnerships have been quietly trying to pursue some kind of solo project after the current season of Flip or Flip ends.

In his effort to take this step, Tarek recently dropped Christina from his real estate business, rebranding the agency Tarek and Associates.

But that move was made without Christina’s knowledge.

And she wasn’t happy with the way Tarek handled it.

Given everything that’s taken place, “Tarek and Christina are keeping it together by a string," an insider tells Hollywood Life, adding:

"She was blindsided by his new business ad."

Flip or Flop Poster

"Their lawyers have been working out splitting up their assets and their joint businesses so she knew it would happen eventually, but not like this."

"He didn’t give her a heads up, which makes her incredibly mad," says the source close to Christina, stating the obvious and adding:

"She’s furious."

In fairness here, Christina El Moussa has reportedly been angling for a HGTV spinoff of her own for quite some time now.

So it’s not as though she wants to keep working with her ex. She just wants the two to remain on amicable, mature terms.

Tarek, however, is now circulating ads in Orange County with just his face and name on them, looking for new business. 

Christina El Moussa with Daughter

But, you ask, what about the 2017 Investor Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month, where they both put on a good front?

What about the smiles plastered across Tarek and Christina’s faces on social media and while they appeared together in public?

Didn’t this mean all was good between the former couple, whose marriage formed the crux of one of HGTV’s biggest hit shows?

Not quite.

“Tarek and Christina were definitely putting on a show for the public,” a witness said of this event, which took place on Februaty 10.

“When the cameras weren’t pointed at them, the smiles dropped and there was definite tension between them."

"They did not look happy to be together, at all. It’s clear they’re just going through the motions in an attempt to save their show."

Ah, yes, the show.

Tarek and Christina Photo

The El Moussas are under contract for this season of Flip or Flop, as we learned after they confirmed their split in November, 

The network released a statement of support, saying it would be happy to keep working with Tarek and Christina for the foreseeable future.

But it seems very unlikely that the series will continue beyond this year, not with damning accusations against Tarek running rampant.

“To say that Christina is sick to death of all the Tarek drama would be an understatement,” a second insider tells Hollywood Life, expounding :

“The past year has been nothing but stress and heartbreak."

"[Christina El Moussa] desperately wants the divorce finalized so she can finally move on with her life and start afresh."

El Moussa Divorce Cover

"Living in this limbo is beyond painful for her and she’s totally done with playing nice for the cameras.”

We can only imagine.

Tarek filed for divorce in December, a couple months after he and Christina issued a joint statement that referenced a troubling incident.

Last May, the stars fought in their home … Tarek grabbed a gun… left the house… and was confronted by cops in the woods.

"Like many couples, we have had challenges in our marriage,” the pair said after TMZ broke this story half a year later.

"We had an unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago and the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution."

"There was no violence and no charges were filed."

Parents to a young girl and even younger boy, they concluded:

"We are committed to our kids and being the best parents we can be."

Neither Christina or Tarek has said much in public since.

Both have updated their Instagram pages with sweet photos of themselves and their children.

However, the tension remains palpable.

"[Christina and Tarek’s] relationship is really bad and they are only pretending to be nice to one another,” adds another source.

“It’s all an act for the cameras, their fans and more than anyone, producers and network heads who could potentially give them their own solo shows."