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On the season finale of 1000-lb Sisters, the world learned that Tammy Slaton had been placed in a coma following her lung collapse.

After waking up and recovering in the hospital, she returned to rehab, where she put a lot of work into her agonizing weight loss journey.

There was more contributing to Tammy’s dwindling health than her weight.

Tammy confessed that her drinking and partying was out of control, revealing the stunning amount of liquor that she consumed each week.

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Fascinated fans are still rewatching and discussing moments from the finale, including this clip.

It’s no wonder that Tammy has everyone’s attention.

So much happened to her, including a dire health crisis.

Just one day after checking into rehab, Tammy’s lungs began to fail.

She was rushed to the hospital and was not breathing.

Fortunately, Tammy did awake from her coma, but it was not an easy recovery.

Tammy returned to rehab after her stay in the hospital, where she resumed working on her health and weight loss.

It was estimated that Tammy lost well over 100 pounds in a relatively short time.

While this would normally be a red flag for someone’s health, in this case, this was Tammy working towards her goal.

During the season finale, Tammy received an at-home visit from bariatric surgeon Dr. Eric Smith.

The two had a friendly chat, which despite some moments of levity covered some very serious topics.

Tammy admitted that she had been "battling mental health" issues, including depression, "big time."

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"Is it worse when you’re by yourself versus when people are here?" Dr. Smith asked.

This is a smart question, because not everyone’s mental health struggles have the same causes or effects.

"By myself," Tammy admitted.

"That’s why I kinda felt like I needed to just take a break," Tammy explained.

"And," she continued, she felt that she needed to "not think about diets, relationships.

Tammy explained her current focus: ""Just clear my mind. Just work on me."

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On the one hand, that makes a lot of sense.

Fewer things are more mentally and emotionally taxing that focusing upon extreme weight loss.

It’s not just starvation and all of the suffering that comes with it, it also robs the person of their go-to coping mechanisms for other issues.

But Tammy was doing more than just not focusing upon her diet.

She admitted that she had been "drinking" and "smoking."

Alarmingly, Tammy revealed: "I started vaping."

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Dr. Smith asked how much Tammy is drinking, and her answer was stunning.

"Maybe eight bottles a week," she admitted awkwardly.

"Like fifths of liquor?" Dr. Smith asked, horrified. "Oh wow, Tammy. That’s a lot."

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"Tammy’s doing a lot of partying, which raises a concern for me," Dr. Smith understated to the camera.

He added: "That alone is putting her in severe danger."

Dr. Smith affirmed his support for Tammy to work on her mental health … but not like this.

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"She says she’s focusing on her mental health," Dr. Smith noted.

"Which if that [were] true," he stated, "I’m all about that."

"But she’s not made any strides to actually do it," Dr. Smith lamented.

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"So I’m a little concerned that she’s actually just using that as an excuse to buy her more time to not work on her activity level," Dr. Smith expressed.

He worries that Tammy is taking the opportunity to avoid "making some changes in her diet, or anything further than that."

Fortunately, Tammy eventually realized that she needed rehab. We continue to wish her the best.