Tamera Mowry Reveals "Encounter" with Jay-Z, Gets Swarmed by Beyhive

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From '90s TV star to cohost on The Real, Tamera Mowry has experienced a lot in her life.

But when she recently shared an anecdote about encountering Jay-Z and being overwhelmed by his "charm," the Beyhive pounced.

Is Tamera Becky With The Good Hair?

Tamera Mowry Shares Her Story

We have included the video of Tamera's confession.

Before we get into what was said, we just want to point out that it is vital that you watch Loni Love's face as Tamera tells her story.

"I've actually met JAY-Z in person," Tamera reveals to her co-stars on The Real.

"And," Temera notes. "He wasn't with Beyonce at the time, and I wasn't dating anybody and when I met him."

We'll get into that and whether or not it was true in a moment.

Tamera Mowry Photograph

"You do get like hit with the charm," Tamera reveals of her experience with Jay-Z.

There's more to star power and rumors of a massive penis to the rapper. He has a lot of charisma.

Tamera reveals that she was so overwhelmed by the encounter that she said the strangest thing.

"I found myself strangely asking for gum," she admits. "It's so weird! I swear."

None of us know what we would say if we became starstruck.

Jay-Z Smiles on Netflix

So how and where did this happen?

"My sister and I were at a premiere of Nutty Professor and he walked by," Tamera shares.

She continues: "And I was like 'Oh my God that’s JAY-Z!'"

"I was like, 'Can I have some gum?'" she confesses.

"And," she adds. "He gave me some gum."

Loni Love Listens Intently

Loni Love wasn't the only one who appeared concerned while Tamera was telling this story.

In Lemonade and 4:44, Beyonce and Jay-Z laid bare their relationship problems, which were largely rooted in Jay-Z's cheating.

"I was 23!" Tamera quickly clarifies.

"I hadn't even met [my husband] Adam [Housley]," she notes.

Tamera emphasizes: "Adam wasn't even in the picture."

beyhive swarms tamera mowry

So Tamera wants to make it extremely clear that she was not cheating and neither was Jay-Z.

That did not stop the Beyhive from swarming all over this video.

Any woman mentioning Jay-Z risks being labeled Becky With The Good Hair.

To be clear, though, the only thing that Tamera received from the rapper was his gum.

G-U-M. With a G.

Tamera Mowry Pic

We mentioned that we would go over this timeline a bit.

Tamera turns 41 this summer, so 18 years ago, when she was 23, would have been 2001.

We assume that she is referring to the premiere of Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, which came out in 2000.

(Yes, we looked that up so that you won't have to and only our Google search history will judge us for it; you're welcome)

So she would have just turned 22 when the film premiered.

Jay-Z and Beyonce, Backstage and Grateful

So ... Beyonce may have not been physically by Jay-Z's side.

But though the timeline of when they first met (he insists that it was when she was 18) is a little murky, both say that they met in the late 1990s.

That would have to have been before this premiere event.

Which would be a big deal ... if anything aside from an exchange of chewing gum had taken place.

The beyhive can save their stingers for a more deserving victim, okay?

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