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Geeks do it better.

So reads the official caption to the following video on YouTube.

And you’d be hard-pressed to disagree after watching the video itself.

It features a woman named Pam Edwards playing Super Mario Brothers, quite possibly the most classic video game in the history of all video games.

Her boyfriend, Shane Birkinbine, is filming the screen as she plays, guiding her through the basics of making Mario run and jump and grow bigger with the help of some magic mushrooms.

And  Edwards is having a perfectly strong run at first, scoring points and having fun.

But then she comes to a series of giant letters.

“What’s that say?” Shane says from behind the camera. “The blocks. It spells out your name, I think.” 

Wait… what?!? How?

Who knows? It’s complicated geek stuff, we presume.

Along with his girlfriend’s name, however, Shane has also managed to write a certain message to Pam within the game. It reads:

"Will you marry me?"

Pam says yes, finishes the game (HA!) and then breaks down in tears.

Trust us. This is unlike any marriage proposal you’ve ever seen.

Check it out now… and then give these geek some serious props!