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Last week, Mama June began making some pretty shocking claims about Sugar Bear.

She said that throughout their relationship, he was extremely physically and emotionally abusive to her and her daughters.

At the time, it was a very surprising story, because though Sugar Bear definitely has his issues, he’s never seemed violent on any of the family’s other reality shows.

Suge Bear

He’s denied June’s claims, of course, saying that she’s lying about him "because she’s pissed at me," and "I never hurt any kid."

But now we have this new clip from tonight’s Mama June: From Not to Hot reunion show.

And the cameras don’t lie.

The clip begins in the middle of some sort of conflict, with 17-year-old Pumpkin running offstage and Sugar Bear following her, screaming "Come on over here, you little bitch!"

At that remark, Pumpkin lunges for Sugar Bear, but is held back by a security guard. June rushes over to them, assuring Sugar Bear that if he touches her daughter, she’ll kill him.

Pumpkin, on the verge of tears, tells him "That’s why you’re a f-cking piece of sh-t father."

And that’s what really set him off.

He flies into a terrifying rage, actually rips his shirt off, yelling "Come on, god damn it!", apparently willing to physically fight this girl who he raised.

Sugar Bear is escorted away, kicking various items along the way. June worriedly asks where Alana is, but the crew tells her that she’s off in a different part of the building.

The video — the horrible, inexcusable, infuriating video — ends with Pumpkin sobbing in a security guard’s arms.

So obviously this isn’t OK, right? And it makes June’s claims about Sugar Bear being abusive a whole hell of a lot more believable.

Pumpkin is just 17, and she was a little girl when he first got with June. He was there for most of her childhood, and he was definitely a father figure for her.

And if he’s willing to behave like this towards her when he knows cameras are rolling, who knows how he’d behave behind closed doors?

Watch the upsetting footage of Sugar Bear losing his mind below: