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You may remember Stevie Ryan from the time she exposed Nathan Griffith when he was attempting to cheat on Jenelle Evans.

So we already know that Stevie thinks Nathan is an idiot, and now the comedian is sharing other not-so-controversial opinions about Teen Mom‘s biggest trainwrecks.

Hey, just because they’re easy targets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the shot.

Some will say that Stevie’s latest Instagram video (below) goes too far, as it pokes some fun at Farrah Abraham’s 6-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Of course, what Stevie is really making fun is Farrah herself, as well as her willingness to involve her offspring in random celebrity feuds.

In case you’re a Teen Mom fan who somehow wasn’t aware, Farrah is beefing with Nicki Minaj at the moment.

Naturally, the semi-literate Farrah is getting owned by Nicki, who basically talks smack for a living, so in a recent moment of desperation, the always-classy Ms. Abraham recorded her daughter calling Nicki a "loser."

So when she busts out her Sophia impression in this clip, Stevie is really mocking Farrah and her willingness to settle her disputes by having her first grader bust out Donald Trump’s favorite insult on social media.

Did Stevie cross a line? Maybe. But Farrah definitely had this coming.