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All season long, fans have had questions and genuine concerns about Stephanie Davison.

Eccentricities are one thing. The sexual assault and her alarming on-screen mannerisms were serious.

Then, viewers were stunned when Stephanie was not part of the 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All.

Instead, she took to Instagram to share her side of things — things that TLC would never let her say.

Stephanie had already spoken on some of these topics in interviews.

As we previously reported, Stephanie was suing TLC after she says that production pressure put her in harm’s way without reimbursement.

For her hour-long video, of which we have a short clip in this post, Stephanie included witnesses to back her up.

Stephanie Davison tries to talk her cat into accepting Harris

One of her character witnesses was Frank, a "dear friend" and her personal trainer of 13 years.

“I have never seen her on any kind of drug, I’ve never seen her drunk," Frank confirmed.

He then characterized: "That just is not her."

Stephanie Davison enjoys being told what she wants to hear

“I think these inaccurate portrayals are just very unfair," Frank expressed.

As for her seeming to be under the influence, Frank had a theory on that.

He suggested that long hours of filming combined with hundreds of sandfly bites made her seem under the influence.

Stephanie Davison tilts her head back and relaxes

Stephanie had previously mentioned that the sandfly bites led to medical issues that continued for months.

She described inflammation from the bites so bad that her vocal cords were harmed and she needed IV treatments.

And it seems that if she took any antihistamines to treat them, drinking even a small amount of alcohol could have impacted her behavior. 

Stephanie Davison clinks her glass with Harris

Stephanie then announced that so much of what fans saw of her storyline with Ryan was "fake."

To be clear, it’s not that she wasn’t really dating Ryan or wanting to marry him.

It’s that, in reality, she called things off … until production hounded her to make nice so that they could keep filming.

Stephanie Davison doesn't want to spend rest of vacation alone

“So much of it was contrived," Stephanie told the camera.

"And one of the very first things I want to tell you," she shared, "is during production, Ryan and I did break up."

Stephanie detailed: "I immediately called the producers and said Ryan and I are finished."

Stephanie Davison torches Ryan Carr's visa application

Stephanie told producers: "We are not going to be on the show."

According to her, production did not accept that.

They spent days messaging her, dangling how fame could enhance her story, until she relented.

Ryan Carr Poses with Stephanie Davison

Stephanie and Ryan were cast in May of 2020.

They continued to genuinely date for months … until they broke up in mid-August.

Why did they break up? Because Ryan apparently tried to demand more financial support from Stephanie.

“I went on this show because I knew what it would do for my business, OK?" Stephanie admitted.

"So having said that, I wasn’t out seeking fame," she stated, "never wanted to be famous."

She recalled: “I said, ‘If you show me at my office, show the name of my business, show what Pam and I do on a daily basis, I’ll do the show.’"

"That was one contingency I did have for the show," Stephanie explained.

She continued: "because that was the only reason I was doing this show."

Stephanie emphasized that her motive "was because the exposure for my business.”

Stephanie Davison is Self-Aware

She also said that the "cougar" angle was contrived.

And then the topic of Harris came up.

Apparently, the idea of bringing him over was to squeeze out enough footage for a few more episodes.

Harris - I have a lot of big dreams

“I thought well, if Harris will fill in, I’ll try and stick it out,” Stephanie admitted.

She told fans: “So, as you saw on the show, I did call Harris and Harris came."

Stephanie acknowledged: "He stayed with me and they totally turned that around.”

Harris - ever find someone that give me free money

Even so, she resented being made to look like an "idiot" in front of millions.

She is well aware of what Harris’ motives seemed to be on the show but doesn’t want to be seen as a fool.

And honestly, who does?