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It can be very dangerous to shoot a flaming arrow on live television.

That point was driven home, in nearly fatal manner, on Tuesday night.

But then Sofie Dossi went out on the same show and proved that one can, actually, successful shoot an arrow that is on fire.

And one can do it while one has contorted her body on a balance beam in a way that seems against all human nature.

Photo via NBC

Over her run on America’s Got Talent, Dossi has managed to not just bend her body in mind-boggling positions… but she’s also been able to use her feet to eat an apple while doing so

This explains why guest judge Reba McEntire picked Dossi as her Golden Buzzer act during the Judge Cuts round last month, ensuring her a spot in the live rounds.

On Tuesday night, the contestant performance an aerial acrobatic stunt prior to her signature hand-balancing and contortion.

She then lit an arrow aflame, although this time she put on a blindfold and shot her target after rotating all around.

It was amazing. It was incredible. It led to a standing ovation from the entire panel.

Photo via NBC

“I just think you are so good, and even though it’s very similar to what we’ve seen you do before, every time you come it’s bigger and better,” Heidi Klum told Dossi, adding:

“It’s fantastic. What a show. Loved it!”

Added Simon Cowell:

“You are an incredible performer. The music, by the way, was sensational. It was just a fantastic act… You are getting better and better and better.”

And Howie Mandel?

“I’m here to tell the people at home, it’s real… I love you.”

And, finally, Mel B?

"I don’t think people actually understand how much body strength and power you have to have to do what you do. It is extraordinary… You are amazing."

See the act for yourself: