So You Think You Can Dance Contestant Vomits on Paula Abdul

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This 12-year old sensation knows she can dance... and millions of viewers now know it as well, following the young girl's performance Monday night on So You Think You Can Dance.

But we also know there's something else Tehani can do.

Chi Tahani

After excelling online during a routine set to Beyonce’s “Countdown,” Tahini received approval from judges Jason Derulo, Nigel Lythgoe, and Paula Abdul.

They all stood up and waved golden tickets in the air, indicating that Tahini had advanced to the next round.

Tahani proceeded to fall to the floor in disbelief before running over to the judges’ table to hug each of them. 

So far, so good, right?

But then Tahini vomited all over Abdul.

Chi Tahani Vomit

“It’s OK, honey. It’s OK," Abdul reacted to the unexpected incident.

The humiliated  hopeful quickly apologized, although Abdul shrugged it off, saying into her microphone:

“I’ve never had anyone just vomit on me like that!”

Few of us have, Paula.

Tahani later explained to host Cat Deeley that Abdul hugged her too tight and “all the happiness came out on her jacket.”

Check out the vomit below:

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