Seth Meyers Plays Fortune Cookie or True Detective? WATCH!

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"Better to walk before they make you run."

"A full moon is the best time for ratifying alliances."

"Never do anything out of hunger, not even eating."

Quick: pick out the quote that's an actual line of dialogue from True Detective Season 2!

Trick question! They're all from TD2 (though it could be argued that the first line is actually stolen from a Rolling Stones song), and if you thought those words sounded ridiculous coming from under Colin Farrell's '70s cop 'stache just wait until you hear Seth Meyers' delivery.

Yes, the late night host asked audience members to differentiate between fortune cookie sayings and lines from True Detective last night  - and the task proved exceedingly difficult.

Sadly, our favorite gem from last week's episode ("Everything is f--king.") was left out of the game, but we guess that's to be expected on a network show.

Anyway, if you're in need of an easy drinking game to help celebrate this Sunday's finale, we suggest you watch True Detective online, write down your favorite lines and try to stump your friends.

Just remember  - sometimes your worst self is your best self. Whatever that means.

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