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Selena Gomez has dropped the first single off her upcoming album.

What did you think of "Good for You?"

In a new interview with Ryan Seacrest, the beloved young singer touches on the influences behind this album, admitting that her rocky relationship with Justin Bieber definitely played a role in writing the songs on it.

"I think there’s hints of it, but I think what I was really excited about was… the rebirth of Selena," Gomez said of her past with Bieber and how it impacts her future.

The above footage also depicts Gomez talking about such issues as:

  • Her love for candy.
  • Her love for Shonda Rhimes.
  • What it feels like to have Taylor Swift watch one of her videos.
  • Whether she will return to acting.
  • Why she knew it was time to return to the studio.

Check out the fun Q&A now!