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Selena Gomez has had not one but two wardrobe malfunctions this week, which isn’t what you’d usually expect from her.

The fact that this has happened back-to-back has some fans wondering if it might be intentional.

Below, you can see both instances and decide for yourself if these were happy accidents … or by design.

Selena Gomez is stunning and supremely talented, and she’s shown off her gorgeous figure before.

But historically, she hasn’t quite been up there with Bella Thorne’s casual nudity.

Her occasional dabbling in carefully censored nakedness have always been artistic and spaced out significantly.

Just a couple of days ago, Selena was out on the town with boyfriend The Weeknd while wearing a little black dress … and very clearly no bra.

The dress, black as it was, proved to be basically translucent under the flashing lights of cameras.

Translucent enough that we can tell, as you’ll see below, that she was certainly wearing underwear.

Now, this can happen — it’s even happened to her before, specifically with another little black dress.

But also, like all celebrities, she’s no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions.

The "little black dress" is fun and simple and stylish but that is one of its standard pitfalls.

Selena Gomez Keeps It Simple

If Selena had been especially mortified by that incident, you’d figure that she’d have gone out of her way to cover up for the rest of the week.

Well, it’s June — so if covering up isn’t an option, maybe she’d take steps to avoid another incident.

Instead, she went braless under a billowy, sleeveless top, flashing sideboob right up to and including the nipple.

That’s right — she went from a see-through top to flaunting her bare breast.

If this is intentional, it’s a pretty bold move.

Even if she didn’t plan to flash her nip-nops to the world, though, it’s gutsy for her to shrug and wear whatever when she thinks that it even just might happen.

Selena Gomez Bikini Selfie

Now, Selena isn’t a teen star anymore.

She’ll be turning 25 next month — old enough to rent a car! — and is plenty old enough to decide exactly how much of her body the world gets to see.

Some people might want to shame her for having the audacity to possess boobs and not dressing like she’s in The Handmaid’s Tale.

But at least a few of those same people probably didn’t bat an eye at her ex Justin Bieber baring his butt to the world on Instagram.

Or just being straight-up photographed naked, full frontal style, while out and about with a lady friend.

Women almost invariably face ridiculous double-standards.

Literally imagine if Justin Bieber flashing his nipples were something that we considered a "malfunction" instead of "any day of the week."

Selena Gomez at a Premiere

Sure, people can come up with conspiracy theories — if someone were trying to blackmail her with nudes, for example, flashing her own boob to the world would go a long way towards showing that she doesn’t give a flip.

But we think that she’s a smart young woman and just more confident than ever.

Nobody needs to freak out just because some of their normal human body got some air.

Watch the video below to see Selena’s wardrobe malfunctions … and decide for yourself if maybe they’re just wardrobe functions.