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In less than one week, Kourtney Kardashian will turn 40 years old.

To celebrate her Over The Hill milestone, her family is giving her a shady birthday shout-out in a new video.

Kim and Khloe are no surprise, but a lot of fans were amazed to see Scott Disick praise and profess his "love" for Kourtney.

"Happy birthday, mom," Scott Disick tells the camera in a video shared by E! News.

Sitting with his arm around their eldest, Mason, Scott says: "Happy 40th!"

"We wish you another 40 to come," Scott adds.

Penelope, who is not visible on camera, speaks up: "She looks like a kid."

"Keep up the good work," Scott says, incorporating his daughter’s words. "And you look very young, [Penelope] says."

"You look like a one-year-old," Penelope jokes from off camera.

"We love you so much," Scott affirms.

He continues: "We appreciate everything that you do and do for us."

"And you are a wonderful, wonderful mom," Scott adds.

It is worth noting that Mason has had a look on his face for much of this video.

It seems that he is either disinterested … or focused on something else. You know, like a kid would be.

Scott then decides to apply some of his humor to the video.

"We wanna see you get older!" Scott says, possibly more for the benefit of his children than his ex.

Scott continues: "And shrink and get smaller."

This is when Mason interrupts.

"I don’t want her to shrink!" he exclaims indignantly.

It’s easier to tune out generic pleasantries than to ignore absurdities.

"Anyway," Scott says. "We love you very much!"

He priases Kourtney: "Everything is awesome about you, mom."

Mason says something quiet and unintelligible.

"We love you very much," Scott repeats. "Happy 40th!"

Mason then yells: "Facts!"

"I can’t even believe this is how old you are," Kim jokes.

The way that she smiles after saying that reminds us so much of how Kylie talks sometimes.

It’s probably the cheekbones.

"When I think of you and your birthday," Kim says. "I think of dancing drunken nights in Mexico."

"So I can only imagine how big we’re gonna do it up for your 40th birthday," Kim praises.

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"I’m always so proud that you came before me," Kim gushes.

She continues: "So, I’ve always copied you and watched everything that you’ve done and followed in your footsteps."

"So," Kim concludes. "Thank you for being the best sister, the best mentor … and I love you."

"Happy birthday," she gushes.

If you have emetophobia, you may want to skip Khloe Kardashian’s words.

"I hope you drink tequila until you vomit all over yourself and sleep in it," Khloe expresses.

We understand that some people unfortunately vomit when they drink too much and that Kourtney is a tiny, tiny woman.

But that is such an odd thing to wish.

Khloe explains that she holds onto this hope "because you actually have done that a couple of times."


We hope that Kourtney enjoys herself and drinks all that she likes, but that sounds absolutely disgusting and super unhealthy.