Sarah Burge on Botched

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Former Playboy Sarah Burge, stopping by to see Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif on Botched Season 2 Episode 8, made an alarming reveal:

She gave her daughter a plastic surgery voucher for her birthday.

Her daughter is 10. TEN. Here's $7,000 to do whatever, honey!

If you watch Botched online, you have certainly seen a lot of crazy stuff over the past two seasons, but this may be the absolute taker of the cake.

Either Sarah concluded that l'il Poppy really needed some surgery, or the girl asked for it and she obliged, which really isn't all that much better.

And we thought Kylie Jenner's lips sent a questionable message.

If you're a grown woman, or man, and plastic surgery is something that truly appeals to you and you grasp the reality of what you're doing.

To play into a young person's insecurities like this is unbelievable, though. Sarah may want to ask the good doctors for a brain transplant.

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