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In the wake of the Ashley Madison scandal, Christian vloggers Sam and Nia Rader are taking a break from their YouTube series. In just a month’s time, the couple skyrocketed to fame and crashed and burned in shame.

They rose to fame when Sam snuck his wife’s pee out of the toilet and did a pregnancy test (which is weird).  The YouTube video of the pregnancy announcement went viral.

Shortly after, Sam and Nia announced they had suffered a miscarriage.  The miscarriage sparked some suspicion, with some calling it “staged.”

Sam and Nia said the miscarriage was staged—by God.  Also weird.

But when Sam was busted on the Ashley Madison list, the couple made headlines again.  Sam admitted to using the website.  And now, people are over Sam and Nia.  (Some of us were over them before they started).

Now, in their latest vlog, Sam opens up about an altercation that occurred at the Vlogger Fair.  Again, he denies threatening anyone.

Sam claims that he simply approached two vloggers who he felt ridiculed the way his family was handling their recent miscarriage.  In other words, he started it.

One of the vloggers that got angry that Sam confronted him.  Sam previously told People Magazine, “He got in my face and put his chest against mine and said, ‘Are you trying to start something?’ over and over and over.”

The latest Rader video takes viewers to the conference and even some of the fair itself.  But not much footage of the fair is shown because the couple was kicked out.

The episode “Why We Were Kicked Out of Vlogger Fair” continues with Nia furious at Sam about the whole incident. Shouldn’t she be angry that he was on the Ashley Madison list?  Who gives a sh*t about the fair.

"I hope you guys can accept this apology and maybe understand where I’m coming from, I was hurt, we were all hurt by that," Sam says.

Later in the episode he explains,  "Today has been one of the hardest days of me and Nia’s life – by far – especially for Nia.”

”Just so much going on with us right now." 

He then tells fans that the couple has too much going on to continue with their vlog. He says they need a break "to spend time with each other, focus on what’s important to us." 

It isn’t clear how long the break will be.  We are hoping forever.