Sam Rader of Sam and Nia: Revealed to Be Ashley Madison Client

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You might not know the name Sam Rader, but you there's a very good chance that you're familiar with his work.

Earlier this month, Rader "surprised" his wife Nia with news of her pregnancy, a feat he achieved by stealing her urine from a toilet. (It gets weirder.)

Sam and Nia Rader

Video of Nia's reaction went viral, but just days later, the couple claimed to have suffered a miscarriage, and they shared the news online in a heartbreaking follow-up clip that's amassed millions of view on YouTube.

Since the two videos took Sam and Nia from little-known religious vloggers to bankable viral sensations overnight, many vocally wondered if the whole thing had been nothing more than a publicity stunt.

But rather than angrily put their accusers in their place, Sam and Nia issued a confusing statement explaining that the pregnancy had been God.

Yeah, we have no idea what that means either, but we do know that we're side-eyeing Sam and Nia harder than ever today, following the revelation that Sam had a paid account with Ashley Madison - the website designed solely to help married people cheat on their spouses.

As you've no doubt heard, the site was recently hacked and it was publicly revealed that disgraced reality star Josh Duggar was an Ashley Madison customer.

Now, Mr. Rader, who's also based his career on preaching the importance of Christian family values, is the latest victim of the most damaging public information dump since the Fappening or the Sony hack.

Of course, the big difference with the Ashley Madison scandal is that the dudes being busted totally deserve it.

You can expect a groveling video apology from Rader any minute now.

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