Ryan Reynolds Can't Put Together an IKEA Crib, Either

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Ryan Reynolds. He's just like the rest of us, fellas.

Yes, it looks like his face was sculpted from various pieces of every other hot guy's face on the planet.

And, yes, he can go home and see Blake Lively nude any time he wants. But... ummm.... hmmm... where were we?

Oh, right: Ryan Reynolds is just like the rest of us because Ryan Reynolds cannot put together a crib from IKEA, either.

The actor is featured in a hilarious new GQ video that, for some reason, finds him trying to complete this nearly impossible task.

He gets an IKEA employee on the phone. He curses. He jokes about this project result in a “descent into alcoholism.”

And then he finally puts the crib together! Kind of! Sort of! In very dangerous fashion!

Check out the hilarious footage now and watch how Reynolds figures out a foolproof way to defeat IKEA at its own annoying game.

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