Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Recap: Jonitta Smacks Gabi

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Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club may be the most nauseating reality series on TV.

But on Tuesday night's episode, the series turned violent when Jonitta struck Gabi.

Now, Jonitta is reflecting on what transpired.


From day one, Gabi has been labeled by her castmates as ... a bit much.

She has been called"too emotional," "too loud," and "annoying."

Some of those are racist stereotypes attached to black women, but we can all agree that Jonitta's issues with Gabi are not racially motivated.

On Tuesday's episode, Jonitta took issue with Gabi's overt friendliness towards Jonitta's date.

"It literally irritates the s--t out of me when I see a thirsty, desperate for attention ass female," Jonitta lamented.

"Like Gabi," she continued. "You don't have to do so much and actually you would be more attractive if you didn't do so much."

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Cast

Jonitta did not buy Gabi's "we're in Europe" as an excuse for kissing her date, and she went off.

"That's not how you greet your roommate's date," Jonitta insisted. "You don't greet you roommate's date at all!"

"Next time I invite a guy out, don't be so thirsty to run up to him," Jonitta said, raising her voice.

"I do not want to f--k your man!" Gabi insisted. "If you want to be upset I said hi to somebody, that's on you."

As Gabi began to depart, she touched Jonitta's leg, and Jonitta warned: "Don't touch me again!"

Gabi did not listen, and touched her leg again.

This was when, to the horror of viewers, Jonitta struck Gabi in the face.


Before the episode even aired, Jonitta sat down with the good folks at TooFab to reflect upon her journey in Mykonos.

"My biggest regret would definitely be the physical altercation that I got into,"Jonitta confesses.

"Just because I wanted to prove a point that going in and having grown up in a life of struggle, you can overcome that," she explains.

"I earned my stereotype badge," she laments. "People that are raised on survival see things differently than people who are raised on love."

"I've grown a lot since then and that's going to be very hard to watch," Jonitta admits.

"I had a lot of bottled up anger," she notes. "So that was my biggest regret, being so angry inside and not knowing I had that inside me."

Lindsay in Greece

Lindsay Lohan may have expressed some troublingly stupid views on Harvey Weinstein.

And there was also that time when Lindsay maybe tried to kidnap a child, having become convinced the kid was being "trafficked."

But she is also a survivor of domestic violence.

She's not going to put up with people hitting each other on her trainwreck of a show.

Jonitta hitting Gabi did not go unnoticed by Lindsay's business partner, who understandably freaked out.

Next week, viewers will get to see Lindsay's talk with Jonitta about it, and it looks like it's going to be intense as hell.

LiLo at the Beach

We don't yet know what Lindsay decides about Jonitta.

However, Jonitta tells TooFab that she and Gabi learned to "coexist."

"I think the fight actually brought us closer," she shares.

"it just shows that we both had a lot of room for growth," she characterizes. "And we were both immature in our own ways."

"I think she learned from the experience," Jonitta assesses. "And I know I definitely learned from the experience."

Lindsay as a Boss

The show may be a trainwreck from which it's easy to look away, but it still has dedicated viewers.

We should note that Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club moves to a new night next week.

From here on out, starting on February 4, the show will air on Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.

That is right after Teen Mom 2.

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