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Rebecca Parrott is a beautiful woman, but jealousy is an ugly thing.

The 90 Day Fiance star finally has fiance Zied Hakimi with her in the United States.

Things are going reasonably well … but their two-decade age gap can come up at unexpected moments.

Rebecca found herself snapping at Zied after he had an innocent conversation with a young woman his own age.

Zied Hakimi checks in on niece

On Season 8, Episode 10, viewers saw Zied Hakimi still settling in.

Rebecca’s apartment doesn’t really have much in the way of furniture — just the built-in parts of the kitchen and a mattress.

But he could still call his family back in Tunisia and check in on his adorable young niece.

Rebecca Parrott presents Zied with fake tattoos

Rebecca and Zied had already been finding ways to have fun together when she is not working.

For example, she got him fake tattoos that he could wear on his arm.

In his religion and culture, real tattoos would be forbidden. But fake ones? That can be fun.

Zied Hakimi shows off fake tattoo sleeve

After this fun bonding, the two of them went out to dinner with Rebecca’s daughter, Tiffany, and Tiffany’s fiance, Micah.

There were other of the couple’s same-age friends at the dinner … meaning that Rebecca was the only one there who was of a different age.

At first, that didn’t really matter, because the group was just asking Zied about how he keeps himself entertained while Rebecca is at work.

Rebecca, unlike so many of the franchise’s less wise stars, thought ahead to Zied spending time at home, unable to do much of anything on his own.

She bought him an X-Box. My thoughts about the console wars aside, that is so smart, a great way to treat Zied like a real person and to avert a potential disaster.

We cannot tell you how many 90 Day Fiance divorces have started because one partner felt alone and miserable.

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi at dinner with The Youths

However, the conversation all too swiftly turned to the lack of furniture in the apartment.

Rebecca has furniture, but it’s in storage, and the hope was that Zied will be able to offload it at some point.

This is when one of the dining companions at the table offered to help, noting her family’s ownership of multiple trucks that could make this easier.

Hannah is flirting with Zied Hakimi

"You know, Zied, he’s a really friendly guy," Rebecca complained to the cameras after Hannah and Zied spoke so much.

"He can talk to anyone, but this young, hot girl, seems way overly focused on him," she observed. "I’ve kind of had him to myself all this time."

Rebecca continued: "And now on top of everything, I noticed I’m the only one at the table in my age group, and I understand I signed up for this, but, in reality, it makes me uncomfortable."

Rebecca Parrott feels left out/old

Zied was totally oblivious to whatever "flirtation" Rebecca was seeing (and we’re not so sure that Hannah wasn’t just being a friendly person on camera — you know how editing skews things).

"You’re gonna let her help you move?" Rebecca demanded incredulously, getting louder at this table on camera at a restaurant.

Zied may have been totally bewildered by Rebecca’s anger, but he told Hannah "no thank you."

Zied Hakimi - what you mean?

"I mean, she was just being nice about it. … She was just offering to help," Tiffany protested to her mother.

This is when Rebecca fired back: "It’s not exactly in his culture to have a single woman over at his apartment."

Hannah, put in an incredibly awkward position at the table and also painted as some sort of femme fatale by the episode, explained that she was literally just trying to be helpful.

"I appreciate that," Rebecca told her curtly.

Then, when she and Zied were alone, she told him: "Do you understand that you’re in America now, OK? Women are not the same here as they are in your country."

Sure … but that doesn’t mean that Hannah was trying to jump his bones. She was literally just being friendly, especially in front of the cameras.