Julia Trubkina Takes Pregnancy Test on 90 Day Fiance: OMG, Is She Really Pregnant?!

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Against all odds, Brandon Gibbs won Julia Trubkina's freedom, seemingly ending her 90 Day Farmhand experience.

With so little drama, their storyline did not even appear in Season 8, Episode 10.

But on Episode 11, Brandon and Julia's story is back ... and we see Julia taking a pregnancy test.

Is she pregnant? Is Brandon ready for this? Are Betty's eyes already lighting up with the idea of putting Grandbaby Gibbs to work one day?

Julia Trubkina (preview) - two lines is pregnant or not?

At the start of Julia and Brandon's segment in the Season 8, Episode 11 preview, we see a moment teased since before this season premiered.

Julia, who is dubious at best when it comes to birth control after some friends of hers had bad experiences with the medication, is asking Brandon about the pregnancy test results.

Their castmate, Yara Zaya, can answer that:

Yara Zaya - two line, Jovi, like always

Of course, we don't hear Julia say "yes, I'm pregnant."

Her question certainly sounds like she has just seen a positive pregnancy test result.

And Brandon's face ... well, this could mean anything. It's a tense moment.

Brandon Gibbs hears pregnancy test news

This is the second storyline this season to feature a pregnancy test.

Keep in mind that even with the most heavyhanded of producers, they would never fake a pregnancy (it wouldn't hold up) ... but they might request that a couple take some extra tests on camera.

That said, Brandon and Julia's story has never needed extra drama, as Brandon's absurd, awful parents provide plenty of drama just by being themselves.

Julia Trubkina holds a pregnancy test

Okay, so back to the episode.

Julia is seen speaking to the camera, suggesting that she worries that Brandon's parents will use whatever is happening here to seize more control.

That could mean responding to a pregnancy by ordering Julia to do certain things, or it could mean responding to a pregnancy scare by getting involved in their business.

Julia Trubkina (preview) - start more control after this situation

However, Brandon and Julia sit down to talk to Betty and Ron.

In this moment, it's unclear what they actually say to his parents.

But there's a certain vibe to them ... that could be anything from mischief to nervousness to excitement.

Brandon Gibbs has news for Betty Gibbs in preview

"No!" Betty responds, seeming to react to positive pregnancy news.

She seems much more positive about this than she was about Brandon's "threat" to move out.

But the moment lingers with deliberate ambiguity in the preview -- not telling us the actual results but hinting that they are positive.

Betty Gibbs guesses at Brandon's pregnancy-related news

Also ... I cannot shake this feeling that Brandon and Julia are pranking his parents with a slow buildup to reveal that Julia's not pregnant.

Why? That's just what I read in their faces, and I could absolutely be way off in my estimation.

But also ... evidence suggests that Julia and Brandon aren't pregnant.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina in S08E11 preview

With Yara and Jovi, we knew about their baby before Yara's pregnancy test episode -- their little girl was born in September of last year, by the way.

There has not been a peep about Brandon and Julia having a child, with the sole exception of Julia trolling fans briefly by wearing a pillow under her shirt.

Our sneaking suspicion is that this is a lot of hype over no pregnancy news ... but given their circumstances, no pregnancy is very good news right now.

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