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There weren’t many surprises at last night’s 2016 People’s Choice Awards, which is just how the show’s producers like it.

When the entire country votes for its favorite movies, music and television shows, well…the most popular stuff wins, so you can pretty much look at the ratings, the charts, or the box office numbers and figure out who’s going to win.

That said, the evening featured some highlights that we don’t think anyone saw coming.

In fact, there are a couple clips from last night’s broadcast that have become certified viral gold this morning.

One of them was touching (Vin Diesel’s tribute to Paul Walker), and the other was just plain hilarious.

It seems some random aspiring rapper thought it would be a good idea to interrupt the cast of The Talk as they accepted their award for Favorite Daytime Hosting Team,

It’s not exactly Taylor Swift winning a Grammy, but this dude isn’t exactly Kanye West, as he quickly proved with a rambling, nonsensical mic-bomb:

“Shout out to Kevin Gates, he has an album,” the dude said, before dropping a reference to the King of the Interruption. “Yeezy just jumped over the Jumpman…yessir.”

The ladies of The Talk didn’t miss a beat, with Sharon Osbourne giving the guy a swift kick in the ass, and Sheryl Underwood informing him, "You ain’t gonna pull no Steve Harvey up in here!"

Wow. Is "pulling a Steve Harvey" the new term for effing-up on live TV?

Somewhere, Steve’s all, "Survey says – I’m depressed!"

Watch the hilarious stage-crash fail in the clip below.