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The story of former NAACP Spokane chapter president Rachel Dolezal will surely be remembered as one of the most bizarre of 2015.

For years, Dolezal lived her life as a black woman, despite being born to two white parents in Montana. 

In June, she was called out for misleading her employers and the public during a local television interview.

In the months since, Dolezal has become something of a national punchline, stubbornly insisting that she "identifies" as black and refusing to offer any details about her past or ethnicity.

She even went so far as to claim that her parents "can’t prove" that they’re really her parents, which is true, if you don’t count the birth certificate and other evidence that totally proves they’re her parents.

Dolezal is currently in her fifteenth minute of fame, but there’s enough lingering interest in her story that she was invited on daytime talk show The Real today.

That’s where Dolezal made the confession that utterly shocked absolutely no one. It turns out – she’s white!

Yes, Dolezal has finally copped to being "biologically white," and as you can see in the clip below the studio audience basically responded with a resounding "Duh!"

She’s sticking to her guns in terms of how she identifies, which is a little strange, since being born to two white people in rural Montana automatically makes her whiter than Jeb Bush eating a mayonnaise sandwich while watching hockey, but whatever.

No word on whether or not Rihanna still thinks Dolezal is a hero.