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After completing a 1,000-mile trek through Britain for charity, wounded marine Kirstie Ennis gave Prince Harry something that carried a tremendous amount of meaning for them both.

The six vets who took part in the walk, organized by Walking With The Wounded to "show how injured warriors can rebuild their lives and achieve great feats," according to the Daily Express.

On November 1st, seventy-two hours after the walk began, everyone gathered outside Buckingham Palace to celebrate.  

That’s when Ennis handed Harry a dog tag belonging to her fallen colleague, one of several that she placed around the country during her walk, that was saved for pride of place at the palace.

"No I can’t, I can’t accept this," Harry said to Ennis, whom he joined for part of the trek.

"Please, you know what this means to me," Ennis insisted. I want you to."

"This means so much to me," the Prince told Ennis before giving her a massive hug in thanks.

Ennis, 24, was in 2012 helicopter accident in Afghanistan, in which she sustained serious injuries to her face, jaw and leg.  According to People‘s Simon Perry, the marine put off surgery to remove the lower part of her left leg until after the charity walk.

"It was quite painful and there is nothing you can do to prepare for that, even when you are able-bodied, much less when you have debilitating injuries," Ennis said of the walk.

"It was quite the challenge. I have never felt so disabled in my life at times."

Learn more via this video.