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If you’ve been anywhere near social media this week, you’ve probably seen the video that shows Migos rapper Quavo shoving his girlfriend, fellow hip artist Saweetie, during an altercation in an elevator.

If you haven’t seen it, be warned:

The footage is disturbing for anyone, and it might be highly triggering to people whose lives have been affected by domestic violence.

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While the incident occurred a little less than a year ago, Quavo and Saweetie just broke up last month.

(Or at least we just found out about it last month.)

Based on the statement she released on March 21, Saweetie was the one to pull the plug on the relationship.

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But surprisingly, it seems that it was Quavo’s infidelity, not his temper that led to the breakup.

“I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character,” she wrote on Twitter at the time.

“Presents don’t band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women.”

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The present that Saweetie referred to may have been the Bentley that Quavo gave her and then took back after they parted ways.

It can be tough to tell what exactly is going on in the now-infamous elevator video, but it’s certainly an ugly scene.

According to a description from TMZ, the fight started with a struggle over control of a video game console.

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(We’re guessing it was something else that sparked the confrontation, and the console simply got stuck in the middle.)

The first thing we see on camera is Saweetie taking a swing at Quavo.

The fight then spills into the elevator, where Quavo shoves Saweetie to the ground.

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Based on the footage, it’s impossible to say who struck first, but it’s certainly a good thing that these two are no longer together.

Both parties have now responded to the leak and the subsequent outrage.

"We had an unfortunate situation almost a year ago that we both learned and moved on from," Quavo said in a statement released on Thursday.


"I haven’t physically abused Saweetie and have real gratitude for what we did share overall."

Interestingly — and rather unexpectedly — Saweetie’s statement closely echoes Quavo’s.

"This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on," she told the media.

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Both artists seem to be in damage control mode, and it appears that their goal is to simply move on from the relationship and continue with their careers.

However, it remains to be seen if the music-listening public will be as quick to forgive Quavo for what was at best an inappropriate handling of the situation and at worst a full-blown act of assault.

This certainly isn’t the first controversy of Migos’ career, but if critics of the group have their way, it may be the last.