Prince William: Family Before Royalty, Sorry Not Sorry

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The Duke of Cambridge knows that you called him "workshy," but he doesn't give AF.

Prior to his royal tour of India and Bhutan, Prince William sat down with the BBC's Nicholas Witchell to honor the Queen on her 90th birthday.  

During the interview, William spoke of the wonderful example his grandmother has set in her 64+ years of being sovereign, and the challenges he faces as a duty-bound father of two young children.

“I’m concentrating very much on my role as a father," William said.

"I’m a new father and I take my duties and my responsibilities to my family very seriously and I want to bring my children up as good people with the idea of service and duty to others as very important.

"But if I can’t give my time to my children as well, I worry about their future.”

William is known for refusing to bend when it comes to the media's opinion of how he lives his life, for which he will make no apologies.

"I love my children the same way any father does and I hope George loves me the same way any son does to his father," William said.

"They'll be a time and a place to bring George up and understand how he fits in the world, but right now it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing him as much love as I can as a father."

Though Her Majesty will never abdicate the throne ("retire," so to speak and hand the crown to Prince Charles), there will certainly be a shift in workload.  It's important to note, however, that she will remain the monarch until she passes, as the House of Windsor sees the position as a job for life.

"When the queen decides she’s going to hand down more responsibilities, I’ll be the first person to accept them," William explained referring to the digs several members of the media have made at him regarding his lack of royal appearances.

"There’s an order of succession and I’m at the bottom at the moment so there is the time and space and future to take on more and develop more.” “I think royal duty is extremely important," William continued.

"I take my responsibilities very seriously but it’s about finding your own way at the right time and if you’re not careful, duty can sort of weigh you down an awful lot at a very early age, and I think you’ve got to develop into the duty role." he explained.

"It’s something I take very seriously but with my family and with my role of air ambulance, for instance, I think there’s a number of things, I’ve got my fingers in many pies at the moment and want to keep an eye on [them]. That will change as life goes on and I’ll take on more."

tldr; William's got the royal thing under control, and would like everyone to chill lout.

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