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Remember that report about how two Real Housewives shared a stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party?

Well, one of the alleged threesome partners was Porsha Williams. And she’s keeping tabs on the hunky male stripper.

Porsha Williams Looks Gorgeous

Cynthia Bailey was married on Saturday, October 10. 

Before her nuptials, she — like countless other brides before her — had a bachelorette party with a small group of close friends.

As sometimes happens as particularly good parties, things reportedly took a turn for the sexual.

Cynthia Bailey on Instagram

In this case, a group of ladies allegedly began hooking up with each other in the living room of the Charleston house where the party took place.

Though some details remain scarce, things are said to have ranged from simply making out to oral sex.

While for many people that’s fairly par for the course at good, adults-only parties, that was not the end of the reported "festivities."

Porsha Williams Smiles with Satisfaction

By the wee hours of the morning, most everyone was tired and ready for bed.

Reports have claimed that two of the ladies — ladies later identified as allegedly being Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam — took a male stripper, who was hired for the party, to a private room.

It is said that loud, sexual noises continued for about an hour, according to the observations of those still awake in the house.

Photo via Bravo

Now, though much of the story sounds very plausible, none of the goings-on have actually been confirmed.

Reports say that much of the living room action was filmed, though it is unclear if Bravo will air even censored versions of the footage captured that night.

That said, given that there was a discussion among the ladies the following evening about the hookups, it may end up being too relevant to the season to drop.

Photo via Instagram

Interestingly, on Instagram, Porsha Williams is following the walking, talking thirst trap of a man who was hired to entertain the partiers that evening.

Michael Bolwaire, who goes by "B.O.L.O. The Entertainer," is on Instagram, where has cultivated no shortage of admirers. He is also on OnlyFans.

But take a look at this one little detail in his profile: look who follows him.

Folks, that is Porsha Williams’ Instagram handle. She is following BOLO The Entertainer.

Now, I can’t speak for any Real Housewives, but in most cases, only a small proportion of any given person’s social media contacts has been in a threesome with them.

But some are thinking that, at the very least, if Porsha didn’t want people to think it, she wouldn’t be following him. Follows are public.

Photo via Instagram

Porsha is seemingly fine with people thinking that she and Tanya took Mr. Bolwaire to pound town.

He, on the other hand, is not.

The Entertainer himself has posted an Instagram video in which he denies the rumors. We have included that video in this post.

Photo via Bravo

"To whom this may concern," Michael’s video begins. "I’m not just a stripper. I’m the stripper."

He affirms: "I’ve built an entire brand off of professionalism."

"And it don’t just stop here, y’all," Michael notes. "I got fans, followers, and supporters that’s been around for years that can attest to that."

Photo via Bravo

"The rumors and allegations that’s goin’ around right now: straight bulls–t," Michael asserts.

He acknowledges: "Although I’m flattered to be in the same conversations as those beautiful women…nothing happened."

Though he is clearly not addressing the reports of the girl-on-girl living room fun, it sounds like his role at the party played within the lines.

Porsha Williams Following Her Arrest

"I don’t need any unnecessary mileage on my dick," Michael says.

That is an absolutely amazing line.

"Again — nothing happened," he declares in conclusion. "Y’all be cool."