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First, Porsha Williams stunned fans with her engagement announcement after a month of dating.

Then, she was beseiged by pregnancy rumors when followers noticed some conspicuous details in her photos.

That, at least, would explain such a rapid engagement, Housewives fans concluded.

But Porsha says that this is not a shutgun wedding.

Photo via YouTube

Porsha Williams gave an interview with Dish Nation, as you can see in this included clip.

"I’m not pregnant," Porsha clarified.

Co-host Gary Hayes had been in the process of asking, and Porsha cut right to the chase.

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"Is this what you want, Gary? I’m not pregnant," Porsha confirmed.

She further clarified: "This is not a shotgun wedding."

But rest assured that her engagement to Simon Guobadia is very, very real.

Porsha Williams on TV

She and Simon — who is the ex-husband of Friend of the Housewives Falynn Guobadia — became engaged earlier this month.

Specifically, Porsha shared that they "got engaged the Thursday before Mother’s Day."

That would have been Thursday, May 6.

Photo via Instagram

"It was very, very special," Porsha gushed about the engagement’s beginning.

She also admitted that she "didn’t think anything of it" when she shared the group photo of herself, Simon, and Dennis McKinley.

Dennis is not only her ex, but also the father of her two-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena.

Photo via Instagram

"Dennis and myself and Simon — my fiance — were sitting there," Porsha described.

"And," she added, "it was such a magical moment of just being grown adults."

Porsha continued "and being mature and wanting to do the best thing."

Photo via Instagram

"I was like, ‘Let’s seal this moment with a picture and we posted it,’" Porsha revealed.

"And then I woke up," she recalled of the next day, as if she’s new to being a Bravolebrity.

"And," Porsha admitted, "I was like, ‘What’s happening? Why is everybody going crazy?’"

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"I’ve been waiting for a love like this," Porsha gushed about Simon.

"And," she expressed, "God answered my prayers …"

Porsha stated that "I wasn’t going to deny it when it was smacking me dead in my face."

Porsha Dubs

"I’m happy," Porsha affirmed.

One would assume so, given that she is "crazy in love."

And that amorous insanity explains why she and Simon became engaged after only one month.

Porsha Williams Smiles with Satisfaction

"I know it’s fast but we are living life each day to its fullest," Porsha wrote in her announcement.

"I choose happiness every morning and every night," she affirmed at the time.

"Tuning out all negative energy and only focused on positive wishes," Porsha raved.

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"He makes me so happy and to me, that is what matters most," Porsha raved.

Of course, Falynn — Simon’s ex — spoke a short time later to say that she was still finalizing her divorce from Simon.

That is true, but the two did reach a divorce settlement last month. So it’s settled, not finalized.

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A woman also came forward on social media with evidence that she and Simon had been in a whirlwind romance very recently.

However, given that things appear to have taken place at least five weeks before the engagement announcement, this doens’t mean that anyone was cheating.

It may simply mean that Simon was in another intense relationship a short time before his romance with Porsha began.