Porsha Williams Arrested Seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor: WATCH

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Like millions of her fellow Americans, Porsha Williams and her cheating fiance participated in courageous Black Lives Matter protests.

In fact, Porsha was arrested while seeking justice for a murder victim. Now, arrest footage has been shared with fans.

Porsha Williams Has a Lot of Feelings

Porsha Williams was among 87 dedicated protesters who were arrested while protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor.

She was not the only public figure among those who were cuffed and taken away, as a football player was also arrested.

The peaceful protest took place in Louisville, Kentucky.

Porsha Williams arrested at BLM protest

In the short video shared by Dennis McKinley, we can see Porsha's arrest.

Countless protesters have been arrested from coast to coast as police object to the idea that they might be held accountable for their actions.

But countless more Americans continue to protest in cities and towns across the nation in the hope of a better, more just future.

Porsha Williams Following Her Arrest

"Whelp I had no change of clothes and no bags," Porsha shared on Instagram after being released from lockup.

"We just came with out with our faith and strength from God for the task at hand!" she announced.

"So I present to you drugstore makeup Glamour lol," Porsha wrote, joking: "*Bags sold separately "

Porsha Williams Smiles with Satisfaction

"Hey, no really thank you all for all of Your love and support!" Porsha's caption continued.

"If I haven’t gotten a chance to text you back," she added, "charge it to it to me just being exhausted."

"And to the cop who tried to tried to snatch out my nose ring have a stanky day," Porsha concluded. "SAY HER NAME #BreonnaTaylor."

Porsha Williams in Blue on Watch What Happens Live

Porsha has been outspoken about her activism.

Though she is not the only Real Housewife who has been taking part in these monumental protests over the past month and a half, she is particularly passionate.

In particular, like so many Americans, Porsha is using her voice and her platform to seek justice for Breonna Taylor.

Porsha Williams Looks Gorgeous

Who was Breonna Taylor? An innocent Black woman who was yet another victim of escalating police violence.

Sometimes, the victims of these vicious killings are people who had committed minor infractions whom police, for whatever reason, decided to execute.

In this case, however, Breonna was not jaywalking, did not have a broken tail light.

Porsha Williams Talks Happiness

Breonna Taylor was asleep in her own home when a group of armed, armored men burst into her home.

Hearing the home invaders, Breonna's boyfriend exercised his rights by grabbing his gun and firing one single shot at the intruders.

The home invaders fired eight bullets into Breonna as she slept in her bed, having committed no crime whatsoever.

Porsha Williams on Thanksgiving

The home invaders, it turned out, where police, executing a "no-knock" warrant on the house on suspicion that there might somehow be drugs there.

Police found no drugs in their search.

Meanwhile, the initial report on Breonna's death listeed her injuries as "none," in and of itself a damning indictment of corrupt, self-protecting law enforcement.

Porsha Williams Complains About Nene Leakes

Porsha is a Black woman. She is the mother of a Black daughter, Pilar. She is also an American and a human being.

For all of these reasons and more, the horrific killing of Breonna is a horror.

Only one of her killers has even been fired. The other two are still police officers. And none of them have been arrested.

This is why protests are still necessary.

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