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You have to hand it to her for at least trying.

Paris Hilton thought people would be interested in watching her strut around in lingerie, a wired petticoat and Christian Louboutin heels, which some were.

"So much fun at my photoshoot at @ThePlazaHotel today," she wrote.  "Check out the #BehindTheScenes on my #Snapchat at RealParisHilton."

There was a time when Paris Hilton was IT.  Heck, she pioneered the whole "club appearance for a crazy fee" trend that is still going strong today.

The problem with Hilton, though, was that she wasn’t relatable to fans.  Whereas the Kardashians (who stole her crown when their realtiy show premiere din 2007) are not only viewed as approachable, but aspirational as well.  

For instance, Kim Kardashian will complain about being too fat like every other girl out there.  Then she’ll bawl her eyes out on camera after losing a diamond earring after being tossed in the ocean by her boyfriend, a pro athlete.  In Bora Bora.  As her sister, Kourtney talks her back down to earth by pointing out that "there are people dying" all over the world while she’s crying about a piece of jewelry.

They are this country’s true heroes.

Meanwhile, Hilton is busy building her career as an iPod playlist manager a DJ and told Paper magazine she’s focused on growing her brand globally (which includes cosmetics, wouldn’t you know).