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Despite a groundswell of #FreeBritney support, Britney Spears remains under her awful father’s control.

Britney’s longtime friend Paris Hilton is as horrified by her predicament as the rest of us. That conservatorship is so not hot.

Britney With a Flower Crown

Speaking to Andy Cohen in the video that we have included with this article, Paris Hilton is opening up about Britney’s conservatorship.

"I saw her this summer," Paris confirms.

"We’ve had dinners," she adds. "I saw her in Malibu."

Paris Hilton Instagram Selfie

"I just love her so much," Paris gushes relatably.

She expresses: "I feel like if you are an adult, you should be able to live your life and not be controlled."

That is not unreasonable in the slightest.

Britney Spears Glory

"I think that maybe stems from me being controlled so much," Paris suggests.

"So," she reasons, "I can understand how that would feel."

Paris can empathize with Britney’s plight "and I can’t imagine right now if that was still happening to me."

"After just working your whole life and working so hard," Paris reflects, noting Britney’s extraordineary career.

"She’s this icon," she affirms.

"And," Paris expresses, "I just feel like she has no control of her life whatsoever."

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine Six-Pack

Paris laments how powerless Britney is over her own life and career, adding "and I just don’t think that’s fair."

Britney cannot decide on her own tours or residency gigs.

In fact, it seems that the most power that she has is to decline gigs that her conservatorship arranges behind her back. That’s not the same as independence.

Peace, Paris!

Andy naturally asks Paris if, amidst the growing #FreeBritney discussions, she and Britney touched on the subject in person.

"No, I don’t like bringing things up like that,” Paris replies.

“She is so sweet and so innocent," she characterizes, "and such a nice girl."

Britney Spears Wears Victorian-Inspired Garb

"We just talk about happy things," Paris explains.

She cites examples such as "Music, fashion … fun things."

"I never like to bring up negative things and make people feel uncomfortable," Paris affirms, "so I’ve never talked about it with her."

Paris doesn’t mean that she is unwilling to talk about important topics — obviously, she’s doing that in this clip.

Rather, she doesn’t want to ruin someone’s mood when they’re out to dinner and having a good time.

You don’t sit down with someone and go "wow, it sure does suck that you live in a gilded cage and your awful dad runs your whole life." It’s rude.

If Paris could snap her fingers and free Britney, we have no doubt that she would.

But that’s not how this works. In fact, Paris can’t really take any legal action on Britney’s behalf that Britney can’t do herself.

Britney has a legal team who are fighting tooth and nail to free her — starting with efforts to remove her dad from her conservatorship, like prying a bloated tick off of your leg.

Paris Hilton in This Is Paris

That this really tells us, more than anything, is that contrary to what some of the more outlandish Free Britney conspiracy theorists think, Britney does have contact with people who support her.

Presumably, she could have pulled Paris aside (they were dining with friends) and said "hey, will you give this message to the world?" if she wanted to.

Based upon this interview and who Paris is as a person, we have no doubt that she would jump at the chance to help her friend.