Big Brother All Stars Cast EXPOSED Mocking Ian Terry for Being Autistic

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Big Brother: All Stars has brought no shortage of entertainment to fans. Now, it's bringing outrage.

Multiple contestants are being called out by viewers for mocking Ian Terry's autism. There is no excuse.

Ian terry

Brace yourselves: what you're going to read and see and hear is absolutely appalling.

One of the things that has always defined Big Brother is access -- the livestreamed footage that gives the show its name.

Even footage that does not make it into episodes can be viewed by any fan, giving the stars essentially no privacy.

Big Brother mockery - Dani and Nicole

Those watching the 24-7 live feeds have witnessed cruel comments about Ian Terry.

Ian, of course, is on the autistic spectrum, as his fellow houseguests are well aware.

Unfortunately, there isn't just one housemate making ableist jabs towards him. This is truly sickening.

Big Brother mockery - Nicole laughs

In one clip, which we have included in this article, Dani Briones is chatting with Nicole Franzel.

They are discussing his "rocking" -- a behavior used by some autistic folks to calm themselves, particularly when they are overstimulated. 

Literally, it's just a slight motion of his torso and has no impact on anyone else.

BB mockery tweets - evil stepsisters

"I can't even look at him sometimes," Dani tells Nicole, "because [of] his constant movement."

She expresses: "It stresses me out."

"I feel mean saying that," Dani claims, "but I'll literally have to move to a point where I can't see him."

Big Brother mockery - Memphis 01

Like we said, she is not the only culprit, as there is another video of Memphis Garrett mocking the way that Ian walks and ridiculing his ... large vocabulary?

You can see a bit of that in the video that we have included, too. The cruelty is pointless ... and has an audience.

Nicole, Dani, and Christmas Abbot are seen laughing along with this senseless, ableist mockery.

Big Brother mockery - Memphis 02

It is not yet clear if the disgusting displays of bigotry will be featured in an upcoming episode.

They are very much public knowledge and part of the Big Brother conversation, and they have gone viral on Twitter within and beyond Big Brother circles.

Some contestants who have already been evicted are speaking out about this disgusting behavior.

BB mockery tweets - should be standing up for Ian

"Instead of laughing," Janelle Pierzina wrote on Twitter, "they should be standing up for Ian."

She reminded her followers: "He has a disability."

Janelle also expressed that she was "absolutely disgusted" by the callous mockery that she saw in the viral clips.

BB mockery tweets - disgusting

"Inside the BB house reflects society's failures when it comes to our handling of diversity," Kaysar Ridha observed on Twitter.

"We could use a lesson in empathy & awareness," he emphasized.

A large portion of his message involved racist microaggressions, but he made it clear that he was also speaking up for Ian.

Kaysar Ridha addresses BB mockery

"Ppl who are neurodiverse & on the spectrum should be protected not trashed," Kaysar affirmed.

He added: "I have zero tolerance on this issue #BB22."

Kaysar is absolutely right.

BB mockery tweets - Kaysar Ridha tweet

Due to the nature of the show, the stars do not yet know that their malicious laughter has spawned a viral scandal.

But they're going to find out eventually -- especially when it hits them where it hurts.

Nicole has already lost a business partnership, as Olay Skin announced on Thursday that they are distancing their brand from her.

BB mockery tweets - Nicole Franzel laughing

"We no longer have a business relationship with this person," Olay confirmed on Twitter.

"And," the brand's official Twitter account continued, "have no plans for future work together."

The tweet concluded: "We have zero-tolerance for bullying and we do not support the behavior displayed by this person."

BB mockery tweets - Olay severs ties with Nicole Franzel

It is important for us to remember that autism acceptance is not merely about being nice -- though that by itself would be reason enough.

The autistic community is often treated as if they are a problem to be solved rather than, you know, people. They need accomodation and acceptance, not eradication.

Being autistic is not the whole of who Ian Terry is, but it is a part of him. People being cruel over his autistic mannerisms are being cruel to an entire community.

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