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The Mayfields are one of 90 Day Fiance‘s most fan-beloved couples for a lot of reasons.

Pao has been open about having a baby and the positive and negative experiences of motherhood.

Now, she’s showing off her post-baby body — just about six months after having baby Axel.

Paola Mayfield Cradles Baby Axel Mayfield
Photo via Instagram

In a short Instagram video that we have included, Paola flaunts her lower body in a teenie string bikini.

"My monthly body check!" she writes at the beginning of her caption.

She reminds fans and followers that this is he body at "Almost 6 months postpartum."

(Paola gave birth on January 1, so she’s just a week and a half from baby Axel turning 6 months old)

"Just [because] I’m quiet," Pao notes. "Doesn’t mean I’m not reaching my goals!"

Paola Mayfield, Six Months Postpartum

We couldn’t help but turn this video into a pair of gifs to show off the results of her efforts.

"I’m working hard to get where I was before pregnancy," Paola writes.

"And," she adds, she is dedicated to "gaining my strength back."

"Which for me is the most important," Paola emphasizes.

She also writes that she is working on all of this "even though I’m still healing."

Paola Mayfield Post-Baby Body, Six Months Later

"Nothing will stop this mama from reaching her goals!" Paola vows.

She also clarifies to assure her fans and followers that she is making healthy choices for herself and for Axel.

"I’m not dieting," she announces.

Instead, Paola writes, she is "just eating what I need without affecting my milk supply."

Paola concludes: "as I’m exclusively breastfeeding!"

Russ Mayfield and Axel Mayfield, First Father's Day Ever!!
Photo via Instagram

Paola also recently shared a photo of the two other Mayfields.

Russ looks both proud and handsome, and 5-month-old baby Axel looks adorable and a little excited.

"Happy first Father’s Day, my loves!" Paola captions the photo in Spanish.

Still in Spanish, Pao then directs her followers to observe "how handsome these two look!"

After all of the doubts and anxieties they both had during her pregnancy last year, it all paid off.

Paola Mayfield Speaks on Season 4

Axel is the Mayfields’ rainbow baby.

Prior to last year’s pregnancy, Pao had been pregnant, only to have a miscarriage.

Miscarriages are more common than most people believe (some don’t even know that they’ve had them).

That does not make them any less tragic for the families who were so excited to have a child.

Pao has even admitted to feelings of guilt for enjoying her pregnancy with Axel because she worries that she’s diserespecting her previous pregnancy.

That is just so sad.

Russ Mayfield, Paola Mayfield, Baby Axel, and Dog
Photo via Instagram

Some of Paola’s attitudes have been a little surprising to fans.

On the most recent episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, she has expressed a desire to have a "natural" at-home birth.

Her concern was that hospital’s are too "clinical," even though that is the literal purpose of hospitals.

Russ has real concerns but keeps biting his tongue because of his desire to support his wife.

Fans are still horrified by Paola defending the "rights" of anti-vaxxers, but she reassured them that, so far, Axel has gotten those all-important vaccines.

Sometimes, first time parents go overboard. Everyone hopes that Pao and Russ continue to make good choices for their baby.