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We are the Busbys. Bring it on.

So states Danielle Busby in the following trailer for OutDaughtered Season 3, which premieres on Tuesday, July 11 on TLC and which will feature all five of the Busby kids turning two years old.

(No, really: for those unfamiliar with this series, it chronicles the lives of Danielle and Adam, a Texas couple who became parents to the first-ever all-female quintuplets born in the U.S. in 2015.

The quints are named Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker… and they even have an older sister named Blayke!)

Photo via TLC

Last season, the couple spent a majority of its time talking about another source of income, considering the bills a family can easily ring up when it includes six little children.

Looking ahead, fans can expect discussion of the Busby indoor cycling business to ratchet up.

But while their professional ambitions will remain an important storyline on Season 3, Danielle and Adam will also have a few personal obstacles to overcome.

For starters, as you’ll see below, the quints are being potty-trained, which can be quite a stressful endeavor for parents with just one young child.

Can you imagine trying to get this task done with five?!?!?

Photo via TLC

We also get a sneak peek below at Adam visiting a therapist and trying to work out some of his own issues, while Hazel continues to battle problems with her eyesight.

Might surgery be required for this infant?

That’s an understandably scary proposition for Danielle and Adam, as it could be for the mother and father of any two-year old.

OutDaughtered Family
Photo via TLC

Click PLAY on the following video and get your first look at what’s on tap for OutDaughtered Season 3 on TLC: