Octomom: My Family's Not Poor! We're Minimalists!

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The sad, sad tale of Octomom may have technically come to an end -- because Suleman is a very different woman from who she once was.

So different, in fact, that she's now going by Natalie, not Nadya.

And, as you'll see in the video below, Natalie's lifestyle is wildly different from that of the woman who made that infamous Octomom sex tape all those years ago.

Octomom Natalie Suleman, Santa Hat

Natalie Suleman is no longer the Octomom, but she's still the mother of her octuplets: Makai, Josiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Nariyah, and Noah

And she not only gave an interview to Us Weekly, but also invited their cameras along.

She talks about her priorities as a parent.

Natalie also explains why she gives each of her eight children, born in 2009, just one gift for Christmas.

"I’m focusing on raising the kids to focus on serving other people, to get out of their own head."

She explains the message that she hopes to instill.

"Be grateful for one little thing that they get because they earned it."

Natalie Suleman, Octuplets

Her kids, she says, are wonderful.

"They’re extraordinary kids. I’m so, so, so grateful."

We believe it.

But, as you can imagine, Octomom's famous financial struggles are also a factor:

"We’re on a budget and we’re pretty much so grateful for every little thing."

Financial hardships teach some very unwelcome "lessons," but it sounds like she's putting a positive spin on things.

Octomom Christmas

But Suleman says that money issues aren't the only things keeping a reign on consumerism.

"We’re minimalist, too. They’re all minimalist and I am."

We don't know how eight 8-year-olds just happen to all be minimalists -- at least, we don't necessarily believe that they'll all carry that philosophy into adulthood.

But it sounds like Suleman's embracing that ideal for herself.

"The real me is a minimalist, so I believe that one gift that they really want, you know, they’re incredibly grateful for that."

We're sure that they are.

Octomom Group Hug

This picture that Natalie Suleman is painting is pretty different from the time when Suleman worked as a stripper.

For those of you who don't know, stripping can be very lucrative.

Unfortunately, because of our sex-negative and misogynistic culture, a lot of unenlightened viewers can't reconcile the idea of a stripper also being a mother.

(To be fair, Suleman was kind of a mess for several years)

It looks like when the Octomom said she wanted to change, she meant it.

Because she's clearly undergone a thorough rebranding.

Octomom Smiles

The video below is very sweet, and you even get to hear what all of her children would like to get for their mother.

Suleman's octuplets all turn 9 on January 26th.

We wonder, though: is Natalie's rebranding going somewhere?

Will she try to build up a a reality empire with her new, "wholesome" image?

Or ... maybe what she's telling us is the real deal.

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