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NBA YoungBoy is an American rapper who’s just been arrested — and not for the first time — just hours after an alleged incident of brutal assault.

A surveillance video appeared to show him body-slamming his glrifriend into the ground.

Fair warning: every part of this, including the video below, is upsetting.

Photo via Instagram

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, better known as NBA YoungBoy or YoungBoy, is an American rapper whose best known songs are "Untouchable," "No Smoke," and "Outside Today."

As a teen, he was arrested for robbery.

In August of 2017, he was sentenced for his involvement in an armed robbery.

However, the judge only handed him a suspended 10-year sentence — and three years of active probation.

That probation … just might come into play, here.

Photo via Instagram

TMZ reports that they received hotel security footage that appears to show NBA YoungBoy body-slamming his girlfriend.

In this scary, scary video, he appears to knock her flat on the ground.

She then appears to be stunned and to respond by getting up to leave, which is followed by YoungBoy appearing to chase her and physically drag her back into their shared room.

A hotel guest reportedly heard the "commotion" and called the front desk — we can only imagine what they must have heard — and the front desk then called the police.

Though the couple had apparently fled the Waycross, Georgia hotel by the time that police arrived, TMZ was told that the surveillance video and evidence found within the hotel room was enough for a warrant.

Apparently some of what they found in the room was blood.

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The details of what must be an ongoing investigation haven’t been made public, but that seems chilling enough on its own.

Add it to the fact that he was involved in a drive-by shooting and look at his age — he’s only 19 — and you realize that he’s rapping up a frightening record of trouble with the law at a very young age.

He was arrested in Tallahasee by US Marshalls.

The outstanding warrant, stemming from Georgia, was for assault, for weapons violations, and for kidnapping.

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He was arrested over the weekend while on his way to a scheduled performance. That must make it pretty easy for the arresting agents.

Unfortunately, some of the charges may be more difficult for prosecutors to make stick.


Because a lot of kidnapping and assault cases hinge upon the victim pressing charges, even though everyone knows that many abuse victims are both too frightened and too manipulated to pursue legal action.

And while it likely won’t change anything about the weapons violations, Jania — YoungBoy’s girlfriend — has put out a strange video denying that he did anything wrong.

Photo via Instagram

In the video, which you can see below, Jania makes odd statements in an effort to communicate that NBA YoungBlood isn’t abusing her, that the two were just engaged in playful roughhousing because they’re both young.

A number of fans noted that she doesn’t seem to be making much sense.

Others observed that, in their opinions, she looked shaken and nervous while recording the video.

Some wondered what injuries she might be masking with her hair and clothing. After all, there was reportedly blood found in their room.

Watch the video below and decide what you think of Jania’s version of events for yourself: