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The mother featured in this video manages to pull off quite an impressive and depressing feat:

  • She sets a bad example for her children.
  • She gives America a very bad name.
  • And she makes for a solid minute-plus of entertainment… as long as you aren’t related to her, that is.

From what we can gather, the woman ordered something from a restaurant and requested the dish come with red peppers instead of green peppers.

Why? Because her kids only "don’t eat green things." (This is perhaps a good time to pause a mention that most vegetables are green; great parenting, lady!)

The employees made a mistake, did not switch out the peppers and incurred wrath from the customer that included her demanding they stop speaking a foreign language and "get it right the first time" because this is America, dammit!

The best part of all, though? Upon exiting in a loud off, the woman rights right into the glass door. We thank you, Karma.