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So this is a thing that has now happened: 

Milania Giudice has come out with her very first music video.

Photo via BRAVO

The video was released by Bravo on Wednesday night, following many episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey during which the 14-year old continually expressed an interest in pop music.

This isn’t so different from many 14-year olds around the country, of course.

But Milania – or her famous mother, who one might think would know better, really – is now under fire for what she actually says and does in the song/video.

Titled "I Can’t Wait To Grow Up," the track features Milania rapping about all the things she’s excited to do when she’s older.

Such as: covering Vogue magazine, having her own driver and traveling the world.

This is where she stops being like other 14-year olds around the country and starts sounding like a rich and entitled spoiled brat.

Milania Giudice

Should these really be the priorities or fantasies of a young teenager?

Twitter users aren’t so certain.

“THIS IS EMBARRASSING NOW. AND WILL ONLY BE MORE EMBARRASSING IN 10 YEARS. I FEEL FOR HER," wrote one critic online upon the video release, while another added:

She’s gonna regret this video so much in a little while…. Teresa made a big mistake letting her do this.

And then another:

Want to say something positive, but I can’t.

Teresa Giudice Flips Out

The video includes appearances by Teresa and, somehow, Fetty Wap, along with a spoken introduction that goes as follows:

Hey it’s me Milania, I’m sure you’ve seen me around, you’ve probably seen me on TV, I’m about to go pick up my besties Tay Tay and Stephanie.

We about to go pop them tags, get our nails done, hair done. We ain’t chasing boys, we chasing checks, we chasing dreams, we chasing goals. Big things poppin’, little things stoppin’.

There’s also at least one reference in here to Joe Giudice, Milania’s father who is currently in jail for tax fraud and who is scheduled to be deported this spring.

"My dad.. is the best dad in the world" and "needs to come home," Milania has said about Joe.

Check out her controversial video now.